When was eduardo de filippo born?


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Eduardo De Filippo, also known more simply as Eduardo, was an Italian playwright, actor, director, screenwriter and poet.

When was Titina De Filippo born?

He was born in Naples on March 27, 1898, the first of three children born of the relationship between Eduardo Scarpetta and Luisa De Filippo; Eduardo will be born in 1900, Peppino in 1903.

When was Eduardo De Filippo born and when did he die?

Eduardo De Filippo was born in Naples on May 24, 1900 and died in Rome on October 31, 1984. Eduardo was born in the famous Via Bausan of Luisa De Filippo, a theatrical dressmaker, and of the great actor and director Eduardo Scarpetta (father also of the other De brothers Filippo).

Who was Eduardo De Filippo’s mother?

Family tradition

Natural son of the actor and playwright Eduardo Scarpetta and of the theater dressmaker Luisa De Filippo, Eduardo and his brothers were recognized as children by their mother whose surname they took De Filippo.

Who was Titina De Filippo’s husband?

In the same company she met Pietro Carloni, a colleague whom she will marry in 1922 and with whom she will have her only son, Augusto (1923-1997), who occasionally worked in the cinema as assistant director and screenwriter, later becoming a parliamentary journalist, and publishing in 1984 a biography of the mother.

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How many films have Totò and Peppino made together?

A definition that fits perfectly for the pairing with Peppino De Filippo. Let’s give some numbers. Sixteen films together between 1952 of “Totò e le donne” and 1963 of “Gli honorvoli”; of which, however, in two, just in “The Honorable” and in “The shortest day” the actors never meet.

Who is Eduardo Scarpetta’s dad?

He was the son of the civil servant Domenico Scarpetta, who tried several times to initiate him to his studies and career, and of Emilia Rendina.

How many times has Peppino De Filippo been married?

Peppino De Filippo had three wives. It was from his first marriage, with Adele Carloni, that he had his only son, Luigi, who reproposed many of his father’s works in the theater. He then married in 1971, after thirty years of living together, the actress Lidia Maresca, a few hours before the latter’s death.

Who are Peppino De Filippo’s children?

Luigi De Filippo (Naples, 10 August 1930 – Rome, 31 March 2018) was an Italian actor, playwright and director of theater, son of Peppino De Filippo and Adele Carloni and grandson of Eduardo.

What work do Luca De Filippo’s children do?

Matteo De Filippo: Luca’s son is a successful restaurateur in Madrid.

What type of tumor did Luca De Filippo have?

luca de filippo brain tumor.


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