When was spiritual born?


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Spiritual is a type of popular religious song that originated in America from the revivalist movements that in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries traveled the Protestant world especially of that continent starting from 1740.

When did the spiritual start?

Spirituals are the primary expressions of religious belief, initiated by African slaves in the United States of America. Slavery was introduced to European colonies in 1619, and slaves replaced wage-earners as an economic labor force throughout the 17th century.

When were spirituals sung?

The Negro Spirituals are traditional songs, born spontaneously among black slaves in America in the 1700s and 1800s. Since the 1600s hundreds of ships (the famous “slave” ships) loaded with blacks captured on the African coast were brought to America, which were sold for work on cotton plantations.

What is the difference between spiritual and work song?

The Gospel is accompanied by instruments. The Spiritual is sung with an open voice and accompanied by the clapping of hands, feet and “poor” rhythmic instruments (broomsticks and objects).

What are the characteristics of the gospel and in which place is it born?

Both styles originate from African-American Christian-Methodist choral hymns, in turn born from ancient spontaneous songs during the slave labor days in the United States of America, often in the agricultural cotton fields.

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Where is the gospel born?

gospel A popular Afro-American song on evangelical themes that developed in America in the 19th century. Practiced by the great church choirs, it began to be codified between the 1920s and 1940s, in a style that blended blues techniques with elements of jazz derivation.

Where were the gospels performed?

They came from different regions of the west coast of Africa. The first form of singing developed by the African American community finds its place in the world of work. The Work Songs, literally songs of work, were born during the hard manual work that the slaves were subjected to.

What is meant by work songs?

work song Song with which black slaves accompanied the work in the cotton plantations of the southern United States; also, the musical genre inspired by this tradition and which, together with the blues and spirituals, constitutes the original nucleus of the Afro-American musical culture from which jazz music draws.

When were the work songs performed?

These spread almost with the end of slavery, ie from about 1865 and were forms of spontaneous singing. Some have had as their theme that of the memory of the old African continent for slaves, others were created by slaveholders to ensure a rhythm in working activities.

What is the rhythm of the work song?

Work Song is a jazz standard composed by Nat Adderley in the sixties and made famous by the groups where he served with his brother Julian (Cannonball). “It is impossible to predict what will happen to a piece of music.

Why did the slaves sing?

Many of these originated in the African musical tradition and were probably sung by slaves as a reminder of their home; others, on the other hand, were devised by the slaveholders to raise the mood and to maintain a steady pace of work. … Example of an African American song and Italian translation.

What is the central element of the blues?

The musical genre called blues is a form of vocal and instrumental music characterized by a structure of twelve bars, which are then repeated, and in the melody by the use of the so-called blue notes. It is sometimes identified as a genre of music in its own right.

What is the call response scheme?

By question and answer (sometimes reported with the equivalent in English call and response) we mean, in music, a succession of two phrases, usually declared by two distinct musicians, and where the second acts as a comment in response to the first.

What do the texts of the spirituals deal with?

The texts of the spirituals mainly derived from the Holy Scriptures, referring to those parts of the Bible that best described a condition of oppression similar to that of blacks.

How does jazz spread?

The migration of African Americans from the South to the North of the United States, which took place between 1910 and 1920, also brought with it many musicians from New Orleans, attracted by the greater earnings being offered to musicians in the North and, according to many reports, also from the decadence of entertainment in New Orleans, …

What does the blues express?

The blues has deep roots in American history, particularly the history of African Americans. … Shortened over time to blues, the expression began to describe states of agitation, delirium, depression or drunkenness.

Where are the work songs born?

It is no coincidence that, even before blues and gospel, the Work Songs were born, which derive from a traditional West African custom and are the first musical expression of the black African American.

Where were the work songs performed?

Jazz is a musical genre whose origins are to be found in the songs of American blacks and in particular in the work songs, in the spirituals and in the gospel. Work songs are work songs that black slaves, brought to American plantations, performed to accompany the hard work in the fields.

What were the working songs for?

Work songs are an almost completely abandoned genre: they were used to coordinate and facilitate the repetitive and tiring operations that are carried out today by machines. The songs of the harvest and the songs of the mondine belong to this genre.

How was jazz born?

Jazz is a musical genre born in the early twentieth century as an evolution of musical forms already used by African American slaves. … The first musicians played music by ear and the pioneering orchestras in New Orleans were called ragtime bands.

What are the names of those who sing in church?

in choir and in church chapels]≈ singer, chorister. b.

What are the characteristics of the gospel?

The main characteristics of this musical genre concern the structure of the form, that is: responsorial structure with question and answer between choir and soloist, hand and foot clapping and the use of a very open vocality in such a way that thanks to the facial cavities, the Song resounded.

What were the first songs of the black slaves called?

THE SPIRITUALS were the songs of the cotton plantations, to which blacks were often used, but they were also the first songs on the slave ships, words without music that were sung in the silence of the night and that often covered songs and shouts.

How many styles of music are there?

The madman who embarked on this painstaking work is called Glenn McDonald and at the end of his research he was able to trace a precise figure of all the musical genres existing in the world, which would be 1264 according to his calculations.

What is meant by free forms?

The free forms in which the composer no longer uses predefined patterns but freely follows his own musical inspiration. Narrative forms where music aims to tell or illustrate something (a text, a poem, a painting …)


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