When you are happy, do you notice?


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When you are happy, pay attention to it, is a collection of official speeches to undergraduates given by Kurt Vonnegut between 1978 and 2004. The collection opens with an introduction by Dan Wakefield.

Who said when you are happy Notice it?

With his lively and irreverent spirit, never preaching or consoling, Vonnegut tells us something apparently banal: “When you are happy, pay attention to it”.

When you’re happy. Notice Kurt Vonnegut?

That Kurt Vonnegut is a great writer, even those who have not read Slaughterhouse n. 5. However, in When you are happy, pay attention to it you have the perception of having a great person in front of you, a big heart, sincere, loving like Jesus, albeit an atheist.

When you are happy Do you case meaning?

A hymn to the will to live, “Pay attention” talks about the happiness we take for granted, which we have not noticed, and how the lives we have not lived are a precious heritage: it is precisely when we believe we need different things that we must realize that fate is in our hands, …


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