Where can I sell my designs?


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Where to Showcase and Sell Your Works Online

  • Blomming.
  • Etsy.
  • Deviantart.
  • Artbreak.
  • Artbrokerage.
  • Saatchi.

Where can I sell my prints?

SaatchiArt – SaatchiArt is a very popular platform that allows artists to sell both original works and prints. To log in as a seller, you must request and obtain approval from an internal commission. The platform retains 35% of the sales proceeds.

Where to sell your designs?

We are talking about electronic shops like Etsy and communities like DeviantArt, which allow you to exhibit your works and sell them, for a fee. But the alternatives are numerous: for example Blomming or – better still – Art Brokerage and Saatchi Art, specialized in the sale of drawings.

How do I sell my paintings?

2. Sites to sell paintings online

  • Etsy. Photo credits: www.etsy.com/it.
  • ArtFinder. Photo credits: www.artfinder.com.
  • Saatchi Art. Photo credits: www.saatchiart.com.

How to sell paintings online without VAT?

No, it is not possible to open a real professional online sales business without a VAT number. This does not mean, however, that the sale is absolutely forbidden to those who do not have the possibility to open an e-commerce, as long as they do so in compliance with certain rules.

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How to determine the price of your paintings?

To translate the value of a painting into cash it is necessary to add the base and the height of the work, multiply the result by the artistic coefficient and, finally, multiply again by ten. The result will give an indicative quotation of the painting.

How to sell your works of art without VAT?

In the event that the artist is not a professional, or has not made art his main activity, it is possible to report the sale of the work by framing it as an occasional sale, therefore without obligation to open the VAT number.

How to sell paintings on Amazon?

Selling paintings on Amazon: how to do it?

Maintain your social media presence

  1. keep up to date with social media changes;
  2. build fruitful relationships and partnerships;
  3. try to drive traffic to your site by including a link on each post;

How much does a picture painter earn?

How much does a painter earn

Just like sculptors, who also belong to the same class of intellectual, scientific and highly specialized professions, a painter earns an average of about 2500 euros per month according to INPS data.

How do you sell works of art?

To sell the artwork, you must accept the estimate made. It will be necessary to deliver the same modern or contemporary artwork to us, by courier or in person, and to sign the sales mandate.

How do you sell the sculptures?

Tips for selling your sculptures

  1. 17. Introduction. …
  2. 27. Having a personal site in which to exhibit and sell your works. …
  3. 37. Have a professional brochure. …
  4. 47. Contact an art gallery. …
  5. 57. Participate in events, reviews and impromptu. …
  6. 67. And finally, a good business card. …
  7. 77. Advice.

How to sell handmade designs?

The 10 best sites to make money with your creations

  1. Etsy. It is perhaps the best known of the marketplaces, complete with a special app for buyers and sellers. …
  2. DaWanda. …
  3. Cargoh. …
  4. Blomming. …
  5. ALittleMarket. …
  6. Ezebee. …
  7. Zibbet. …
  8. MissHobby.

How to sell your prints online?

How to sell your prints on the internet

  1. 7 best platforms to sell your art online.
  2. Wix.
  3. Etsy.
  4. Society6.
  5. Big Cartel.
  6. Shopify.
  7. Redbubble.

How do you sign an art print?

According to the law, the art prints must all be numbered, signed by the authors in the lower right corner and accompanied with a signed and stamped certificate. The certificate must show: the author of the work, its title, format, printing technique and numbering.

How to sell paintings on Catawiki?

You will need an account to start selling; registering is free and simple. Once your account is cleared to sell, you can begin submitting items to the team of experts for review.

How much does a house painter earn per hour?

The cost of one hour of labor for a house painter in Italy is between € 30 and € 40 per hour. Supplements can then be added to this sum for particular types of work such as painting the roof, working conditions or the use of specific equipment.

How much do you earn as a restorer?

On average, a publicly employed restorer earns between € 20,000 and € 30,000 gross a year, while the salary of an established self-employed restorer can reach € 50,000 per year.

How much does a house painter make in Italy?

The average monthly salary of a house painter in Italy is around 1,000 euros, according to some research conducted by the jobbydoo.it portal. The hourly wage is around 9 euros gross.

How to sell paintings on Facebook?

You could try to propose your painting to him.

It is a virtuous circuit:

  1. you insert the pictures Highlights;
  2. PitturiAmo creates promotional campaigns on Facebook;
  3. users land on the pages of the site right where your paintings are;
  4. new artists, who see the campaigns on Facebook, subscribe to the portal;

How to promote your art on Instagram?

An excellent way to promote your artwork is to focus on all aspects of the process. For example, don’t just send finished products. Since most artists are always working on something, it’s a good idea to post a few photos as updates of your work.

How does an artist pay taxes?

By joining the flat-rate scheme with your VAT number as an artist, during the year you will be required to pay the substitute tax at a rate of 15% (or 5%) and compulsory social security contributions.

How do you go about exhibiting your paintings?

PitturiAmo® is a portal entirely dedicated to contemporary painters that offers a direct transaction with the artist without any intermediation and without any mark-up on the works of art. It simply puts the artist and the buyer in direct contact.

How to calculate the value of a work of art?

To establish the price of a work (paintings, photographs, sculptures) a mathematical formula is used: the sum of the base and the height of the work by the coefficient attributed to the artist, multiplied by ten.

Who evaluates the works of art?

Appraising a work of art, whether it be antiques, paintings, sculptures or objects, means attributing a market value to it for a possible sale. The valuation must be done by an expert, appraiser or antiquarian with several years of experience.

How to understand who is the author of a painting?

Magnus is an application available on the App Store and the Google Play Store that offers users the opportunity to find out any type of information about a work of art by taking a simple photo. The application allows you to immediately recognize the name of the work of art and its author.


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