Where does the military salute come from?


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The military salute, which consists in bringing the right hand to the hat, arises from the gesture of the medieval knights who, in the presence of a friend or superior, took off their helmet or raised its visor to be recognized and show a defenseless attitude , therefore peaceful.

When was the military salute born?

According to other sources it dates from the end of the eighteenth century. Up to that period, in fact, the military in front of the superior used to take off his headgear, as in the civilian world.

How was the greeting born?

In ancient Rome the salutatio matutina (“morning greeting”) was what customers gave to their patron, with the words Ave domine, Ave rex. The s., Which in modern civilization is a pure formality of courtesy, nevertheless reveals a religious origin.

How do you respond to the military salute?

The military regulation provides for a response to the greeting with the hand to the visor only by those wearing a uniform. Everyone else is exempt, even if courtesy, politeness, and protocol often involve a nod.

How do you greet a commander?

In the Navy, the junior officers (ensign, lieutenant of ship and lieutenant of ship) call themselves “Lord”, the senior officers (commander of corvette, frigate and vessel) “Commander” and the Admirals (rear admiral, divisional and squad admiral) “Admiral”.

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How to greet an officer?

Inside the telephone booths it is mandatory to keep the headgear on, therefore the salute is paid or made “to the visor”. Wearing the gymnastic suit, overalls or smock, the salute is paid or rendered by assuming the attentive position.

How do you greet Lieutenant Colonel?

The officers who hold this rank their subordinates address them with “Kyrie Diikita” (Κύριε διοικητά) that is, Mr. commander, in the case of a battalion commander or Kyrie Syntagmatarcha (Κύριε Συνταγματάρχα) that is, Mr. ) that is Mr. …

What can’t the military do?

In particular he must: a) refrain from carrying out actions and uttering imprecations, words and speeches that are not suited to dignity and decorum; b) provide assistance to anyone who is in danger or in need of help; c) promptly deliver to the superior or to the competent authorities money or thing that he has found or that …

Why is the military salute done with the right hand?

The military salute, which consists in bringing the right hand to the hat, arises from the gesture of the medieval knights who, in the presence of a friend or superior, took off their helmet or raised its visor to be recognized and show a defenseless attitude , therefore peaceful.

How should the military keep their hair?

The military cut is a type of hairstyle, in which the hair on the top of the head is cut relatively short, becoming progressively shorter at the temples and at the nape of the neck. The length of the cut can vary slightly and be more or less short.

Why is the Roman salute forbidden?

The Roman salute, more correctly fascist salute because in fact never used in ancient Rome, is a type of greeting known to have been used by Italian fascism and various movements that imitated it (such as Nazism).

What does raised fist mean?

The clenched fist, or raised fist, is a greeting often used by militants and political and social sympathizers of the communist and socialist area, demanding and anti-system.

Why do we say hello?

To summarize: greeting is to make peace, to find a partner, to maintain a relationship, to establish a relationship. Better to do it, if in doubt, it still shows good manners.

How is the military march done?

Always keep your arms at your sides and at the end of the order also bring your feet back to the attentive position. Behind the front. Move your right toes about 6 inches behind and to the left of your left heel. At the end of the order, turn around 180 °, always keeping your arms in an attentive position.

What does it mean to salute the flag?

The greeting is a form of courtesy between the parigrade or equal qualification and towards the citizens with whom the staff indicated in the previous paragraph come into contact for office reasons. The staff of the State Police in uniform pays the salute in the manner prescribed for the armed forces.

What does a soldier look like?

The soldier introduces himself to the superior with a greeting, indicating the rank and surname.

Duties relating to hierarchical dependence.

  1. From the principle of hierarchy derive for the military: …
  2. In service and disciplinary relations, the soldier is required to observe the hierarchical path.

How do you write at attention?

put to attention, put to attention v.tr. (fig.) make it straight.

Can anyone with tattoos join the army?

The military of the Italian Army cannot have tattoos and peircings in visible parts of the body. … During the medical examinations of the concrete Vfp1 the examiners will verify that any tattoo on the arms does not ‘come out’ from the sleeve of the uniform shirt.

What power do the military have?

This is the activity in which the so-called power of authority is expressed, which includes both the powers of coercion (arrest, search, etc.) and of contesting violations of the law (ascertaining administrative offenses, etc.), and the powers of hierarchical supremacy within public offices.

Who can’t join?

upper osteo-arthro-muscular system (LS); lower osteo-arthro-muscular system (LI); sight (VS);

How to write a letter to a colonel?

how do you go to a lawyer. On the envelope, an Officer is addressed with the rank (“Mr.” only at the opening of a letter; even if, in the face of a possible academic title, it may be polite to start with “Gentile Doctor” instead of “Mr. Colonel, but it is a detail); likewise on the “foot”.


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