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To obtain the free cadastral plan, you must go personally to the cadastral offices of the Revenue Agency, to the decentralized cadastral counters or using the Entratel and Fisconline telematic services after registration.

How much does it cost to have a cadastral plan?

The cost of the cadastral change is € 50.00 per plant presented through the docfa procedure. To present the new plant to the land registry, a surveyor technician requires between € 150.00 and € 250.00 (depending on the size of the house).

Where are the floor plans taken?

at the Provincial Offices – Territory of the Revenue Agency and decentralized cadastral branches; online, through professionals authorized to electronically request such documents.

You will need:

  • Land Registry Office.
  • Common.
  • Sheet.
  • Particle or Map.
  • Subordinate.

How to get the municipal plan?

HOW YOU DO IT? Checking the municipal plan is simpler than you think: Go to the building office of the municipality where the property is located and make the request directly (attention: the offices are not always open to the public, so check the days and opening hours not to waste time);

How to request a free cadastral survey?

Only the holders of real rights, nominees or owners, by going to the provincial offices of the land registry, can obtain free cadastral surveys of the real estate properties in their name, while by accessing the site of the Revenue Agency, it is possible to find only some for free. ..

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How to see your cadastral certificate?

How to request the cadastral survey

  1. the cadastral survey can be requested at the provincial offices of the Revenue Agency. …
  2. the cadastral survey can also be requested online through the Personal Consultation service of the Revenue Agency.

How to make a historical search for a property?

To obtain a historical cadastral survey online it is necessary to simply connect to the visureitalia.com website and on the basis of the data you are aware of, that is the cadastral identifiers (sheet, map or parcel, subordinate) or the owner (natural person or company), it will be possible to request …

What to do if the cadastral plan is missing?

What to do in case of missing floor plan? In case of loss of the floor plan in the cadastre, a registration must be drawn up for a new cadastral variation with the reason for “Missing plan”. Missing floor plan stacking is very common, so rest assured.

What is the municipal plan?

The municipal plan is found in the archives of the technical office of the Municipality where the building in question is located, and constitutes the most important document of the two, since it refers directly to the building permit of the building itself, deposited during the project and construction.

How to get a floor plan and cadastral survey?

The consultation of the cadastral plans, filed in the computer database, relating to the properties present throughout the national territory, can take place at any Provincial Office – Territory, decentralized cadastral counter or electronically through the services available on the …

How to get the cadastral plan for free online?

How to Request the Cadastral Plan Online

  1. First Step: Register with Fisconline.
  2. Second Step: Access the Personal Consultation Service.
  3. Third Step: Choose the Province of Interest.
  4. Fourth Step: The Survey of the Online Cadastral Plan.

How do you take measurements from a floor plan of an apartment?

The first method for calculating the square meters consists in obtaining the cadastral plan of the building and from there measuring all the rooms with the ruler and calculating the square meters and then adding them and having the overall value of the size of the house under examination.

What is the cadastral plan for?

It is a document issued by the Revenue Agency, formerly the Land Agency, which allows you to check the scale map of the property. The graphic representation (in plan) allows to visualize: the internal distribution. the intended use of the rooms such as bathroom, closet, kitchen.

How much does it cost to do the cadastral update?

Cadastral cost variation

The cost to request the cadastral change is 50 euros to which you will have to add the cost of the professional. At this point the professional will have to present the document containing the new variations and could therefore cost around 150 to 250 euros.

What happens if the floor plan doesn’t match?

if the cadastral plans do not correspond to the actual state of the places, building regularization must be carried out first (always if feasible) and then a cadastral change to update the plan.

What is meant by town planning compliance?

The town planning compliance certificate – or, to be more precise, the town planning compliance declaration – is a document that certifies the correspondence between the property in question and the building permit deposited in the Municipality, without which it is not possible to carry out any operation.

How to update cadastral plan?

To request the updating of the cadastral plan, the cadastral change must be communicated through the DOCFA procedure. Through a special software, a qualified technician can electronically send the updated cadastral plan.

How to correct errors in the land registry?

The correction of cadastral data can be requested from the Revenue Agency using the online “Contact center” service available on the institutional website. To access it, simply fill in a form with name and surname, e-mail address, error found and correction requested.

What must be declared in the land registry?

It is important that there is a coincidence between the real state of a property and the floor plan present in the Cadastre. … More precisely, the data of the holders, the toponymy and the floor plan must be verified. In fact, the seller must declare conformity in the deed and the plan must be attached to the notarial deed.

When is the cadastral change not necessary?

Among the examples, the circular specifies that slight internal changes have no cadastral relevance, such as the movement of a door or a partition which, while varying the useful surface of the rooms concerned, does not change the number of rooms and their functionality.

Who declares cadastral compliance?

The declaration of “conformity to the state of affairs of cadastral data and floor plans” must be made by the so-called “holders”. … This reading makes it possible to believe that the “holder” who must make the declaration of conformity is the one who can dispose of the right to the asset.

What can you see from the historical survey?

The historical cadastral survey therefore allows you to know the history of a specific land or building, starting from its cadastral identifiers. It also transcribes all the cadastral changes that have occurred over time for that particular property.

What is the historical registration of a property?

The Historical Cadastral Survey is a document with which it is possible to know all the variations and reconstruct the history of a real estate unit *. … check the transfer of all changes of ownership and all the cadastral changes that have occurred over time.

How much does a historical cadastral survey cost?

survey, current or historical, for each property, the amount is 1.35 euros. inspection of the map, the amount is 1.35 euros.

Who can make cadastral surveys?

All citizens can request the cadastral survey of a specific real estate, except for maps and floor plans that can only be requested by the owner of the land or building or his delegated intermediary.


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