Where to find collective agreements?


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The territorial and company collective agreements are available at the trade unions, employers and / or signatory workers and, if deposited, at the Territorial Labor Directorate – Labor Policies Service, where the deposit was made.

Where can I find collective agreements?

Archive of national collective agreements in force

The Contracts Archive is located at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies – General Directorate of Labor Relations and Industrial Relations – Division IV.

How many national collective agreements are there?

Lavoro, Cnel: in Italy there are 922 national collective labor agreements in force, and 59% of these have expired. There are 922 national collective labor agreements in force. The figure, updated as at 31 December 2019, is an increase compared to that recorded on 30 June 2019 (885 agreements recorded).

How can I find my employment contract?

To obtain a copy of the employment contract, you can contact the personnel department or directly your employer who is required to collaborate for this purpose by providing the required photocopy. The request can also be submitted to the employment consultant who follows the company itself.

Which Ccnl applies to an employment relationship?

The choice of the CCNL

The first analysis is certainly on whether or not the employer joins a representative association of employers. In fact, if the employer is registered with a trade association that is a signatory of a CCNL, he will be obliged to apply it in full.

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What is the reference CCNL?

Italian law identifies in the National Collective Labor Agreement (CCNL) the source of legislation through which workers ‘trade unions and employers’ associations unanimously define the rules governing the employment relationship.

Who makes the national collective agreements?

The national collective bargaining agreement (which is usually abbreviated with the initials CCNL) is an employment contract stipulated at national level thanks to an agreement between the trade unions, therefore the employee labor organizations, and the representative organizations of employers.

How can I find out what kind of employment contract?

The job and income tracing allows you to check the current employment of a natural person and obtain the references of the current employer and information on the type of contract, duration and remuneration.

How to see my employment contract on the INPS website?

To be able to view this information online and independently, you must be registered on the website of the National Institute for Social Security and log in using the available methods: ordinary PIN or device, SPID or CNS.

Where can I find my Unilav?

The Unilav Form is available on the website of the Region or Autonomous Province of competence and where the employer where the employee must carry out his / her work is located.

When does the CCNL apply?

The CCNL applies to all workers without distinction of duties and / or categories. … The employer who is not registered with any trade union association is not obliged to apply a CCNL.

Who pays for the paid leave?

What are the paid leave

These are permissions that the employee or professional requires based on his needs that cannot always be easily granted to those of the employer. Since leave and holidays not taken must be paid in paychecks, and weighing on the budget of a company.

What does the national collective labor agreement govern?

The National Collective Labor Agreement governs individual employment relationships (the so-called regulatory part) and some aspects of the reciprocal relations between worker and company (the so-called mandatory part).

What is the individual contract?

The individual employment contract is the contract by which the worker undertakes to work for and under the direction and supervision of the employer, in exchange for a consideration, i.e. remuneration (Article 2099 of the Italian Civil Code. .).

What is CNEL for?

The National Council of Economy and Labor (CNEL) is a constitutional body of the Italian Republic provided for by art. 99 of the Constitution with an advisory function with respect to the Government, the Chambers and the Regions.

When does the national contract for metalworkers expire?

It will be in effect from 2021 to 30 June 2024.

How do you see if a person is hired?

To find out if a person has been hired in the past, just connect to the INPS website at the web address www.inps.it. At this point you have to click on the menu all the services which, in the current version of the site, is placed at the top left (this is the main menu, with the purple icon in the shape of a computer).

How to see the type of contract from the paycheck?

The initial and central boxes indicate the basic pay and the individual pay elements that make up the gross pay; In the last box, on the right, the total basic value of the pay elements is indicated (to be recalculated based on the type of contract stipulated);

How to download the work history?

The document can be downloaded from the specific section of the Administrative Services on the Lavoro x Te regional portal:

  1. if you have already been enabled for Administrative Services and have a personal account, log into your desk and download the template.
  2. if you have never registered, log in with your SPID.


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