Where to find practiced physics exercises?


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The best sites to find mathematics and physics exercises

  • Francesco Daddi Exercises: you can find both physics and mathematics exercises.
  • ystudio: Excellent I recommend it for complete function studies, you can find them in all sauces, logarithmic functions, exponential.

Where to copy physics?

WolframAlpha is the best app for solving math, physics, chemistry and other science problems. WolframAlpha is a computational engine for solving scientific problems with apps for Android and iPhone mobile phones and for Windows PCs.

Where to Study Physics Online?

Let’s see which are the best sites to study or deepen physics.

  • VIALATTEA.NET. On the Home, by clicking on “Ask the expert” ,. …
  • MUSEOGALILEO. This is the YouTube channel of the Galileo museum. …

How to study physics on your own?

How to study physics: premises

  1. Study day by day. …
  2. Find focus and don’t get too excited. …
  3. Make sure you have the mathematical foundation to study physics. …
  4. Take the lessons. …
  5. Study the theory carefully. …
  6. Do the exercises. …
  7. Leave your comment below.

Where to graduate in physics?

According to the Times Higher Education and some comments from students on the net, these are some of the best physics universities in Italy:

  • Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa.
  • University of Trieste.
  • University of Rome La Sapienza.
  • University of Naples Federico II.
  • University of Bologna.
  • Politecnico di Milano.

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How to check without having studied?

Tips to fit the question

  1. Guide to the perfect query.
  2. Play Early: Go Volunteer.
  3. Check your anxiety.
  4. A few tips for copying.
  5. Try to understand the questions well.
  6. Involve the professor.
  7. Study your professor.
  8. Check your body language.

How do I get a good grade without studying?

  1. Don’t make too many absences. Frequently skipping lessons is a disadvantage. …
  2. Take an active part in the lessons. …
  3. Behave politely. …
  4. Always do your homework. …
  5. Advance homework to study less every day. …
  6. Take notes. …
  7. Do independent insights. …
  8. Discover Skuola.net | Reps!

How to cheat on a task?

Try not to sound nervous when you turn in the assignment.

Method 4 of 4: Try Not to Cheat

  1. For themes and essays, try to remember keywords. …
  2. For math exams, try to memorize the formulas. …
  3. For closed-ended exams, try to “grind” that information you know will be in the assignment.

What to do to not check?

How to postpone a test in the classroom

  1. Absence of mass.
  2. Ask for clarification.
  3. Law enforcement on Mondays
  4. Be honest and ask.
  5. Make the key disappear.

  6. Write a letter to the professor.
  7. Pretending that a partner or a partner is sick.

  8. Say you have other assignments in class.

How to find the verifications of the profs?

The teacher can access the report of the activity on the tasks or on the checks thanks to the blue button in the lists of the tasks in progress and in the archives of the overdue tasks. Or by selecting class and assignment from the appropriate drop-down menus in the Tasks section of the profile.

How to increase concentration when checking?

Having breakfast, sleeping well, not overdoing caffeine, helping a classmate, having a good laugh, meditating: these are some of the tips for tackling a test or exam at school without too much stress.

When should a check be canceled?

Since the rule of law just mentioned speaks of annulment in the case of fraud or disciplinary infringement, in theory it is possible to imagine that the plagiarism of a verification is a real fraud, therefore liable to be punished with annulment.

How not to get caught while copying from your mobile?

Remove your arm from one sleeve of the sweatshirt, but still hold it over the counter. With the real arm hidden under the sweatshirt you can take advantage of your free hand to leaf through the cards or your smartphone.

Where to hide the verification cards?

The shoes. The first way to hide a note is to stick it under one or both shoes. Write what you need on the piece of paper, then attach it to the sole of the shoe with a little scotch tape. Do it in class, before the assignment begins.

How to cheat in online tests?

Typically, participants cheat on online tests by looking for answers on another browser page while taking the test on the main one. They can do this by copying-pasting the educational content into a search engine to find the answers. Another tool used for cheating is instant messaging.

How to get good grades in school?

The basic rules for having a good academic performance

  1. Be careful in class. …
  2. Test yourself on the concepts just explained. …
  3. Take notes well. …
  4. Take a look at the next chapter of the book. …
  5. Record the dates of the tests in your diary. …
  6. To deepen the marks of the verifications.

How to get 30 cum laude without studying?

To get 30 you cannot study only the notes leaving out the books or just the books leaving out the notes. You must have a complete preparation on all the material made available: books, notes, slides.

What are the high marks in middle school?

In passing from middle school to high school, some students full of expectations (his and his parents’) suffer in front of the first 6 reported in the tests, in the interrogations or on the report card, then everyone gets used to considering it a not exciting vote, but in any case a decent pass for the ‘long-awaited promotion …

Where to study Theoretical Physics in Europe?

Here are the best universities in Europe for the study of Mathematics and Physics.

  • Oxbridge. …
  • ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. …
  • Imperial College London. …
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. …
  • École Polytechnique. …
  • Delft University of Technology.

What are the Physics exams?


  • Mathematical analysis 1.
  • geometry.
  • general physics 1.

  • physics laboratory with elements of statistics and computer science.
  • chemistry.
  • English language.

Where is astronomy studied?

The University of Padua is the only one in Italy to provide a complete training in astronomy and astrophysics structured in a Degree Course in Astronomy, a Master’s Degree Course in Astrophysics and Cosmology and a PhD Program in Astronomy.

How to pass a physics exam?

Spend at least 2-3 hours studying and solving new equations for each hour of class. Repetition helps you understand concepts better and prepares you to solve exam questions. If you wish, you can set a deadline for questions to replicate the conditions of the exam.

Why study physics at university?

The physicist learns at the University both to know the phenomena that surround him, and therefore to conduct experiments to investigate the behavior of Nature, and to propose even complicated models and to formulate laws with mathematical language, the only one with which man is in able to probe the Universe.

How to remember all the physics formulas?


  1. Write all the formulas on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall of your bedroom, so every time you look at it, you will be able to remember what you have forgotten. …
  2. Try using a story. …
  3. Try making a game that involves memorizing formulas with your friends.


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