Where to rent a wheelchair?


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The wheelchair when needed

At the Poletto Health Parapharmacy you can buy or rent a wheelchair, a temporary or permanent aid, which is essential when motor problems related to accidents, injuries, traumas of various kinds are revealed; or support for the elderly or disabled.

What does it cost to rent a wheelchair?

For standard wheelchairs, for children, for obese people they amount to 29 euros. While for the wheelchair with the reclining backrest they amount to 35 euros.

How to get a wheelchair for the disabled for free?

In order to obtain a wheelchair through the ASL, it is necessary to have a certificate of invalidity issued by the ASL itself or to submit a certification request to the ASL office for invalidity.

What does the ASL pass to the disabled 2021?

Paragraphs 369 and 370 also concern the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired and the National Agency for the Protection and Assistance of the Deaf and Dumb (ENS). The non-profit organization is entitled to one million euros for 2021, while the maneuver authorizes the organization to spend one million euros for the current year.

Who prescribes the wheelchair?

The prescription must be made by a specialist doctor of the National Health Service, who can be both internal and affiliated. This procedure therefore allows families not to bear the cost of the disabled wheelchair.

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What is the wheelchair used for?

The wheelchair is a mobile device on wheels used by those who find it difficult or impossible to walk due to illness, injury, and disability.

How to get aids for the disabled?

To obtain aids and prostheses free of charge, you must contact your family doctor who can prescribe some types of aids such as an orthopedic bed, anti-decubitus mattress, etc. or send the applicant to the public facility specialist.

How to request diapers from ASL Roma?

Supply of incontinence aids: for information and appointments, call 06 6835.3272 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 to 12:30.

How to have a caregiver bonus?

With the Home Care Premium project, the caregiver or pensioner INPS can take advantage of a monthly contribution based on the degree of disability of the assisted family member. To take advantage of the INPS caregiver bonus, it is necessary to apply online on the INPS portal. Applications can be sent until 31/01/2022.

What is up to those who care for a disabled family member?

For family members who care for elderly parents or children with disabilities at home, the Regions can access a government fund and provide allowances of up to 700 euros per month to support treatment.

How to apply for 2021 caregiver bonus?

The financial contribution is paid in the form of a monthly check, in proportion to the ISEE indicator, for a duration of 12 months. To access it, it is necessary to submit an application by 30 September 2021 to the social services of the NET Union.


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