Which anti-mold paint to choose?


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Alpha Tex Schimmelwerend SF, in fact, is considered by many to be the best anti-mold paint currently available on the market, both in terms of effectiveness and resistance to the aggression of molds and in terms of the high yield and quality of the finish, which is silky.

What is the best anti-mold paint?

The 7 Best Anti-Mold Paints

  • Boero Casasana anti-mold paint for interiors. …

  • Sikkens Alpha Tex Schimmelwerend anti-mold paint. …

  • Bisaten White anti-mold paint for interiors. …
  • Max Meyer Bioactive Anti-mold wall paint. …
  • Lechler Chrèon Termoton white. …
  • Sikkens Alpha Rezisto Matt white paint.

How much does an anti-mold cost?

A complete anti-mold treatment has a cost ranging from 120 to 150 euros, depending on the square meters it can treat. In some cases, lime paints are used instead of anti-mold paint.

How to give anti-mold to the walls?

The first thing to do to apply the anti-mold paint correctly will be to dilute it with water. Diluting the anti-mold paint with water will mean mixing the paint with a dose of water at room temperature equal to approximately 30% or 40% of the quantity of paint present in the package.

How much to air after anti-mold?

Anti-mold solutions

Certainly it is necessary to ensure air exchange in the room in question, for at least 10 minutes a day. It is also better to avoid creating sources of steam in the house, always keeping the pots covered and hanging the clothes outside.

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What to do after putting the anti-mold?

It is useful to dab the excess with a paper towel or a dry sponge, but do not rinse, so that the product can act in depth. On walls that are now too blackened, wipe with a sponge moistened with a solution of water and bleach before treatment with Anti-mold.

How to pass the bleach on the walls?

One of the most effective ways to get rid of mold from the walls of your home is to use bleach.

  1. First dilute the bleach in doses 1 to 1 with water in a bottle equipped with a sprayer.
  2. Spray the solution directly on the mold stain and let it act for about ten minutes.

How to remove mold from walls before whitewashing?

Another very effective remedy for removing mold from walls is bleach. The procedure to follow is simple: just spray the product on the mold stain and let it act for a few minutes. The dirt can then be removed with a dry cloth.

How is anti-mold paint used?

The method of applying anti-mold paints is completely identical to that of normal paints and you can use both the brush and the roller, as long as you create a covering layer of paint, without leaving uncovered areas, because otherwise there is a risk that the mold can take root and the hyphae lengthen, …

How many square meters with a liter of paint?

Also taking into account that the package is 4 liters, the yield per liter of the paint is between 11 and 13 square meters. This means that with 1 liter of paint it is possible to whiten between 11 and 13 m2 of surface. Detail of the packaging of an interior paint.

How much does thermal paint cost?

The anti-condensation thermal paints can be added with glass beads and titanium dioxide, for greater resistance to humidity. The average price is 7 euros per liter, for a yield of about 5 sqm / l. Colored thermal paint costs around 30 euros per liter, with a yield of around 12 m2 per liter.

What is quartz paint used for?

The quartz paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and is used extensively for walls that have imperfections, mold and bacteria. … There are many types of paint on the market, which in addition to renewing the aesthetics of the rooms, also improve the conditions of the walls themselves.

Why does bleach get rid of mold?

Sodium hypochlorite is a volatile compound and as it evaporates it loses its properties and effectiveness. The bleach therefore only eliminates the superficial stain, but does not fight the cause of the formation of mold. … Mold is a very resistant fungus and able to reproduce quickly, if not properly treated.

What does bleach do on mold?

If, on the other hand, the wall is dry or only damp, you can remove the mold using ACE Classica bleach. The process makes it possible to sanitize the wall so that mold does not spread. In addition, unpleasant odors from humidity can also be eliminated with bleach.

How to remove mold with baking soda?

2 Bicarbonate

It takes 2 tablespoons of baking soda to dissolve in half a liter of hot water. To enhance the effect there are those who add salt, always in a dose of 2 tablespoons. Once the mixture is ready, rub it on the mold, let it act and then proceed with the removal.

How to remove mold stains from wood?

Vinegar, in addition to being an excellent ally for cleaning, disinfects the surfaces of the furniture, which is very important in the event of mold growth. In the most serious cases, it is necessary to resort to the use of bleach and more powerful degreasers, or a little alcohol.

How is mold killed?

The combination of vinegar and baking soda is widely used, as it kills many species of mold. Put the baking soda directly on the mold. Used in this way it is indicated on porous surfaces, such as wooden furniture and plasterboard. Let the baking soda penetrate the surface and then wipe it off with a cloth.

When to use anti-mold paint?

It is good to use an anti-mold paint in all those areas subject to significant humidity, such as the kitchen (where the cooking steam persists) and the bathroom (in this case the steam from the shower).

When is anti-mold put on?

The next day when the molds have died, they should be removed with a sponge or scraper. Then the anti-mold product must be given again so that it penetrates deeply and kills molds, hyphae and spores that live in paints, stabilizers and plasters.

How to use Saratoga anti-mold?

Just spray Saratoga Z10 on the mold, ventilate the room and let it act and the mold will disappear. Adequate ventilation is recommended to eliminate the strong bleach smell typical of this product.


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