Which continents are found in the southern hemisphere?


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On it are the continents:

  • Southern Africa.
  • South America (part)
  • Oceania.
  • Southeast Asia (one part)
  • Antarctica.

Which continents are found in the northern hemisphere?

On it are the continents: Asia. North and Central Africa. Europe.

How many continents are there in the southern hemisphere?

The continents found in the southern hemisphere are as follows: Southern Africa. Oceania. Antarctica.

What are the countries of the southern hemisphere?

The southern hemisphere, also called the southern hemisphere or southern hemisphere, is the hemisphere that lies south of the equator. Here are the main characteristics of the southern hemisphere: 1) Contains the continents: Antarctica, Oceania, Southern Africa, a large part of South America, a small part of Southeast Asia.

What are the two hemispheres?

In geography, the northern hemisphere, northern hemisphere or northern hemisphere of a celestial body is defined as the spherical cap that goes from its equator to its north pole, while the southern hemisphere, southern hemisphere or southern hemisphere is the one that goes from the equator to the pole. south.

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What is the upper hemisphere?

The southern hemisphere, also called southern hemisphere, southern hemisphere or antiboreal hemisphere, is the hemispherical cap of the terrestrial globe located south of the terrestrial equator, therefore with latitude S. The other half of the globe is called the boreal hemisphere.

What do the two hemispheres of the brain control?

It has long been known that the right cerebral hemisphere controls the motor functions of the left half of the human body, while the left cerebral hemisphere controls the motor functions of the right half of the human body; the same is true for sensory information related to the sense of hearing and touch.

In which hemisphere is northern or southern Italy located?

Untitled -ITALY- (Alps, Po Valley, Apennines) GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Italy is located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, approximately halfway between the equator and the north pole; the 45th parallel cuts it at the height of the river Po.

Where are the northern and southern hemisphere respectively?

The two hemispheres are respectively north and south of the equator. The hemisphere that lies north of the equator is known as the Northern Hemisphere (or Northern Hemisphere or Northern Hemisphere). The other hemisphere, located south of the equator is the southern hemisphere, also known as the southern hemisphere or southern hemisphere.

Why is it called Northern and Southern?

Boreas had three brothers: Apeliote, Zephyr and Austro, the personification of the South Wind, hence the name of the southern hemisphere, which is also called “austral”. Today you learned why it is called the Northern Hemisphere!

Which country lies entirely in the northern hemisphere?

Geopolitically, the entire state of Panama (including the eastern segment of the Panamá Canal) is generally considered to be part of North America, or at least Central America.

How do you find north in the southern hemisphere?

To find the north in the southern hemisphere, reference is made to the Southern Cross, a cross-shaped constellation visible only in the southern hemisphere, thanks to which it is possible to identify the south cardinal point and consequently the north by rotating 180 °.

What is the smallest continent?

Oceania is the smallest of the continents: it is an island continent, that is, made up of a large number of islands. Most of Oceania is made up of Australia and New Zealand.

Where is the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn located?

– the Tropic of Cancer, with latitude 23 ° 26 ’16’ ‘North; – the tropic of Capricorn, having latitude 23 ° 26 ’16’ ‘South. In the following image we have illustrated the position of the two tropics on a map of the Earth.

What is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere?

The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is the day on which the summer solstice occurs, which can fall between June 20 and June 21. In contrast, in the Southern Hemisphere the longest day of the year is 21st or 22nd December.

Where is the Tropic of Capricorn located?

Proceeding eastward from the Greenwich Meridian, the Tropic of Capricorn crosses: Atlantic Ocean, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Mozambique Channel, Madagascar, Indian Ocean, Australia, Pacific Ocean, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil; it is found in the southern or southern hemisphere.

How did the Northern Lights come about?

Have you ever wondered why? Until recently it was thought that the Northern Lights were nothing more than a reflection generated by the presence of icebergs, or particular flashes. It was only in 1859, after an exceptional solar activity, that the phenomenon was really understood.

What hemisphere is most of the land in?

The continental hemisphere has nearly seven-eighths of all land masses on the planet and includes Europe, Africa, North America, almost all of Asia and most of South America, despite this more than half of the land area. hemisphere is occupied by waters.

How many constellations are there in the northern hemisphere?

They are also divided according to their position in the sky: 28 boreal (northern) constellations; 15 equatorial constellations; 45 southern (southern) constellations.

In which hemisphere is Europe located?

“The European continent, extending between the 35th and 71st parallel of the northern hemisphere of our planet, is almost entirely included in the temperate belt.

What hemisphere is Brazil in?

One quarter of Brazil crosses the equator at the top and three quarters remains in the southern hemisphere.

What is a hemisphere?

Half of a sphere. In particular, each half of the terrestrial globe, determined both by a meridian (e. Western, and. … celestial, each of the two halves of the celestial sphere determined by the celestial equator: e.

What does the right side of the brain correspond to?

The left side is the technical one, dealing with information processing, logic, mathematical calculation and sequences of actions. The right one, on the other hand, encloses our freer sides: here we find instinct, creativity, the management of arts such as music, song and dance.

What’s on the right side of the brain?

It is also known that the left side of the brain controls the muscles of the right side of the body and the other way around. The left hemisphere is dominant for the functions of calculus and logic and mathematical ability. The right instead is dominant for the ability to recognize faces, spatial skills and images.

Which hemisphere of the brain does fact-type communication correspond to?

However, it turned out to be true that a person’s brain activity differs depending on the task they are performing. For example, another study states that the language centers in the brain are located in the left hemisphere, while the right hemisphere is specialized for emotional and non-verbal communications.


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