Which is the opposite of autochthonous?


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[di popolazione, civiltà e sim., stanziato in un determinato territorio da epoca remota e quindi non importato] ≈ aboriginal, indigenous, local, native. ↔ (not com.) Non-native, foreigner, foreigner.

What are native species?

In biology and biogeography, a native species of a given region is a species that originated and evolved in the territory in which it is found.

What does allochthonous mean?

Non-native – in ethnology, a human being native to a different place than the place where he lives, is synonymous with foreigner. … Allochthonous – in geology, a tectonic unit that is located in a different place than where it was formed.

When does a species become invasive?

According to a purely ecological definition, an invasive alien species is a species that spreads from the point of introduction, with a certain speed, and becomes prevalent within the new area (Kolar and Lodge 2001).

What does indigenous population mean?

1. [di popolazione, civiltà e sim., stanziato in un determinato territorio da epoca remota e quindi non importato] ≈ aboriginal, …

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What is meant by autochthonous and allochthonous species?

In biology, allochthonous or alien species means any living species (animal, plant or fungus) which, due to the action of man (intentional or accidental), is found to inhabit and colonize a territory other than its range. historical, reproductively self-sustaining in the new range.

How is an allochthonous plant called?

An allochthonous species, also called alien or exotic or introduced, is a species transported beyond its distribution capacity by the direct or indirect action of man.

What are the original species of a place called?

Native plants are those native species of a given place, for example Italy, and which make up its original flora.

What is meant by an alien species?

Alien species are those species carried by humans voluntarily or accidentally outside their area of ​​origin. … These species are called invasive alien species or IAS, which stands for Invasive Alien Species.

What is meant by range?

In phytogeography and zoogeography, the geographical area within which a species is distributed.

What does indigenous origin mean?

Autochthonous – for ethnology, a human being native to the place where he lives, is synonymous with indigenous. Autochthonous – for biology, a species that originated and evolved in the place where it is found.

What are indigenous wines?

In the world of wine, the word has taken on all these meanings: a native grape is a grape originating from a certain territory and which has an indissoluble link with the territory itself.

What does Autottona mean?

[au-tò-cto-no] adj., s. 1 Referred to a people and its culture, originating from the place where it lives, where indigenous SIN develops: populations a.

What does indigenous language mean?

“Indigenous” or historical minorities are communities such as the Basques or the German-speaking South Tyroleans, who have lived on their territory for a long time. … These minorities belong to the national language of the neighboring country (Slovenes), or speak a language of their own (Ladin, Friulian).

What are the native Italian vines?


  • Aglianico. Red grape variety particularly important in southern Italy, grown mainly in Campania and Basilicata, and in very small quantities also in other regions. …
  • Albana. …
  • Albarola. …
  • Ancellotta. …
  • Ansonica. …
  • Arneis. …
  • Aspirinium. …
  • Barbarossa.

How are the wines distinguished?

The vines are distinguished according to the color of the grape:

  1. black berry (more correct term, from an ampelographic point of view, of red berry: red is the color of the corresponding wine)
  2. white berried.
  3. pink berried.
  4. gray berried.

What are aromatic wines?

The aromatic vines are: Moscato, Malvasia, Brachetto Gewurztraminer. Recognizing an aromatic wine is not difficult: it usually has very intense aromas and evident hints of bergamot, musk, pear, peach, rose and sage can be identified.

What is the name of the diffusion zone of an animal species?

Depending on the extension, the area can be cosmopolitan (present in every part of the world) or endemic (limited to a restricted area). If, on the other hand, it has interruptions within it or not, the area is called “continuous” or “discontinuous”, if not even “fragmented”.

What does taxa mean?

taxa In the biological sciences, the systematic categories (taxon, in the singular) corresponding to entities, ordered groupings of living beings.

What are the resources of an ecological niche?

The ecological niche is a term that indicates the position of a species (or a population) within an ecosystem, i.e. its way of life, its role and all the physical, chemical and biological conditions that allow its existence in that particular environment.

What is competitive exclusion?

The principle of competitive exclusion

This principle states that if two species coexist in the same environment, this happens due to the fact that they have separate ecological niches.

What are habitat and ecological niche?

The physical place where the environmental factors themselves allow the survival of a species is defined as habitat, while the conceptual space delineated by all the environmental factors and by all the biotic and abiotic interactions that influence the existence of a species in an ecosystem goes to constitute a niche …

What is meant by ecological succession?

Ecological succession is the process by which species occupy a physical environment and determine its modifications.

What does phylogenetic mean?

phylogeny Evolutionary history of a group of organisms in the light of their reciprocal ancestry and affinity relationships.

What is meant by taxonomic unit?

Taxon (plural taxa): grouping of organisms, morphologically and genetically distinguishable from others and recognizable as a systematic unit, positioned within a hierarchy of scientific classification.


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