Which trays to use in the wood oven?


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  • Aluminum tray 35 x 35.

  • Lambs aluminum pan.

  • Anodized aluminum tray.

  • Lightweight aluminum pan.

  • Micro-perforated aluminum tray.

  • Aluminum baking tray for cakes.

  • Aluminum tray for lasagna.

  • Rectangular aluminum pan.

Which pan to choose?

Iron, aluminum and steel are the most common, each of which has advantages and disadvantages: … pizza pan in aluminized sheet: an excellent alternative to iron pizza pans are those made of aluminized sheet.

Which trays to use for the wood oven?

The Aluminized Iron Pans are Used for Cooking Pizza and Bakery Products, even at High Temperatures. Aluminized Iron Pans Do Not Need Burning and Require Easier Maintenance than Blue Iron Pans, but Cannot Be Made Non-Stick.

How to heat a wood oven well?

Just a few very small dry sticks, or pine needles, thin twigs… and that’s it. The fire is lit near the mouth of the oven, because otherwise it is difficult to reach it even with outstretched arms.

Which pizza pan?

The best pizza pan can be blue iron or refractory stone. The blue iron pans are designed for professional use but the ease with which they can be found on the market has allowed their diffusion also in the home.

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How to clean pizza pans?

The blue iron pizza pan should never be washed with water. After use, it should be cleaned with kitchen paper and, if necessary, scraping the surface with a spatula to remove any residual dough.

How big is a pan of pizza?

A 22 cm diameter pan is for 10 people. A pan with a diameter of 24 cm is for 12 people. A pan with a diameter of 26 cm is for 14 people. A pan with a diameter of 28 cm is for 16 people.

How long does it take to heat the wood oven?

Generally, before baking the bread, the wood oven must be heated for about 3 hours in the summer (for a ventilated or built-in oven), while it will take a little longer in the winter. The time to bake will be visible as soon as the vault inside the oven is white.

How long before should the fire be lit in the wood-burning oven?

Ideally the wood oven should be turned on about 2 hours before using it to cook, to ensure the optimum temperature of about 450 degrees C.

How many degrees wood-fired pizza oven?

The specification of the Verace Pizza Napoletana states: «The cooking takes place exclusively in wood-burning ovens where a room temperature of about 485 ° C is reached.

How to prevent the pizza from sticking in the aluminum pan?

Just take some oil and pour it into the pan (as an alternative to oil you can use butter or lard), then distribute the oil with your hands or with a kitchen brush, throughout the inside of the pan, including edges.

What is the pan with holes for?

The pan for pizza with holes is suitable not only for pizzas, but also for pies, quiches and focaccias; thanks to its holes the heat as it passes away removes the condensation and for example the pizza remains crispy underneath and soft above!

How to cook pizza in an aluminum pan?

The aluminum pans, unlike the blue iron pans, must be greased abundantly to prevent the pizza from sticking to the bottom once cooked. This would make the pizza become too greasy on the bottom and, in the Roman pizza style, where the fat component is very low, it is to be avoided absolutely.

How to clean rusty baking sheet?

Dip the pan in distilled white vinegar

If the object to be treated is large enough, you can use a spray bottle and wet the rust with vinegar, then dry with a clean cloth. It must be said that the pressure exerted on the object to be cleaned must be strong enough but not excessively violent.

Which pan for focaccia?

The most common iron trays are the rectangular ones, mainly used for pizzas and focaccias; and the round ones, also used for sweets and other savory preparations. The measures of the rectangular ones vary from 35 x 28 cm to 65 x 45 cm. The height of the edge can vary from 2 to 3 cm, passing through the 2.5 cm measurement.

What is the perforated pan used for?

Perforated aluminum pan with straight edges, ideal for cooking pizza, cream puffs, biscuits and focaccia and much more … The holes in the base allow the heat to pass directly to the dough, eliminating the problem of humidity in the dough at the base.

How long before should the oven be turned on?

How long to preheat the oven

Electric ovens typically take 10 to 15 minutes to reach the set temperature.

How do you light the fire in the wood oven?

The fire barely lights up on the mouth of the oven, the reason? Enough oxygen enters this area to fuel the flame. Once the smaller strips (or dried bundles) have been lit, add thicker sticks to form the first embers.

How to light the wood oven without making smoke?

Light the fire from above

Combustion proceeds more slowly and in a more controlled manner. The gases generated flow through the hot flame and burn almost completely. The secret of a smokeless fire, therefore, is to light it up high and let it burn down, as if it were a candle.

How do you make pizza in a wood oven?

Push the embers to the bottom, closing the door almost completely, and let the oven heat for about an hour. When the inside of the oven turns white it means that the pyrolysis has occurred and therefore it has reached the temperature and it’s time to put your pizza in the oven!

What to do before using a new oven?

Before first use.

Before heating the oven, we advise you to: clean the smooth surfaces inside the oven with a soft, damp cloth and wash the accessories with soap and water. To remove the smell from the new appliance, heat the vacuum oven with the oven door closed.

How to turn pizzas in the oven?

With the small spoon go under the pizza, on the cooked side that is the one facing the fire, raise it by 45 degrees and by rotating it on the tip it will move the pizza: if you start by raising the right side of the spoon, after you have to find yourself with the left side raised and vice versa.

How much dough per 40×30 pan?

we remind you that the amount of dough needed to make a pan is calculated with the following formula: base x height: 2. For example, if we have a pan measuring 40×30 cm. , the dough needed for that pan will be 40×30: 2 = 600 gr.

How to know how much dough per pan?

First, measure the area of ​​your pan and then multiply by 0.6. example if your pan is 30 × 20, do 30x20x0,6 = 360 in this case we should put 360 grams of dough in the pan.

How many calories does a piece of pizza by the slice have?

Pizza by the slice is completely not recommended in the presence of lactose intolerance and celiac disease. The average portion is about 300g RAW (470kcal).


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