Who are the hairdressers of the sanremo 2020 festival?


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Sanremo 2020, Federico Fashion Style takes care of the image of the protagonists: “an honor for me” Federico Fashion Style, aka Federico Lauri, is one of the most famous Italian hair stylists. His hands take care of the hair of great stars such as Valeria Marini, Laura Pausini, Alba Parietti, Aida Yespica, Paola Turci and so on.

Who is the hairdresser of Sanremo?

SANREMO. The beautiful look that the queen of Sanremo wore yesterday is also thanks to a Sardinian. Elodie’s hairdresser, co-host of the festival, is called Andrea Soriga and is the singer’s official hair stylist.

Who is the hairdresser of Sanremo 2021?

The Reggio hair stylist Salvatore Clemensi once again in the backstage of the most famous stage in Italy.

Who combs the singers in Sanremo?

To give us some anticipation on what will happen in the city of flowers from 2 to 6 March, the only Reggio hairdresser among the twelve officers, in addition to the personal ones, recruited to comb the stars of the festival, from singers to conductors passing through guests: Salvatore Clemensi.

Who makes up the singers in Sanremo?

Paolo Demaria, make-up artist from Casale Monferrato, arrived in Sanremo yesterday. For the twenty-seventh consecutive year he will take care of the looks of singers in the competition, guests and super guests, but this time “it’s totally different”. «You no longer go to the Ariston – he explains -, but you stay closed in the hotel room together with the artists.

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Who does the Maneskin makeup?

It is for this reason that the famous make-up artist Nikkie Tutorials has decided to show her followers how the make-up of the band’s frontman is done.

Who made up Francesca Michielin in Sanremo?

Sanremo 2021, Francesca Michielin’s make-up

For this edition, Yves Rocher takes care of the singer-songwriter’s look for all four evenings, enhancing her natural beauty to the fullest.

Who made up Achille Lauro in Sanremo?

Last year he was competing, this year, with his themed “paintings”, he is a regular guest on all evenings of the Festival. We are talking about Achille Lauro. And if you’ve wondered who is behind Lauro’s beauty looks, the answer is: Simone Belli, with her make-up Artist team.

Who does Arisa make up?

For Arisa’s makeup, Pinalli, on the other hand, has chosen Mulac Cosmetics as travel companions and Make Up Artist Manola Spaziani, of the team of the famous Make Up Academy managed by Simone Belli, makeup talent, recognized in the sector for being the make-up artist of the most important actresses and models …


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