Who are the properties participating in the holiday bonus?


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Properties that accept the 2021 Holiday Bonus

  • Emilia Romagna: about 230 structures.
  • Tuscany: more than 100 structures.
  • Sicily: about 60 structures;
  • Liguria: about 60 structures;
  • Sardinia: about 30 structures;
  • Campania: more than 50 structures.
  • Other Regions: number of smaller structures than the previous ones.

Where is the holiday bonus accepted?

In which accommodation facilities can I use the holiday bonus? The bonus can be spent in Italy in structures in possession of the Ateco 55 code: hotels, bed and breakfasts, campsites, farmhouses, holiday villages, holiday homes with VAT number, widespread hotels, seasonal accommodation facilities.

Who accepts 2021 holiday bonuses?

The Refreshments Decree extended the use of the 2021 holiday bonus until next June.

The 2021 holiday bonus can be requested to benefit from the discount of the following accommodation facilities:

  • Hotels;
  • Motel;
  • Resort;
  • Hotel;
  • Residence;
  • Pensions;
  • Resorts;
  • Youth hostels;

Who accepts Campania Holiday Bonuses?


  • Village-Hotel in the Cilento National Park – Small Village Bonus Vacation OK. …
  • SPA Indoor Pool and Conference Center: THE REFINED OK Holiday Bonus. …
  • Between Amalfi and Ravello, 4 Star Hotel – Ancient Residence of Ravello Holiday Bonus OK.

Who accepts the Federalberghi holiday bonus?

The subsidy is granted to families with an ISEE income not exceeding 40,000 euros. In the case of families made up of more than two people, the maximum amount of the subsidy is 500 euros.

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Who accepts Emilia Romagna holiday bonuses?


  • Suite with whirlpool – Borgo di Rivalta Charming Residence Holiday Bonus OK. …
  • Cervia near the sea with Wellness Center: Hotel Villaggio Paradiso Bonus Vacation OK. …
  • Close to the Romagna Parks and the Sea – Viserba Famila Hotel Bonus Vacation OK.

Who accepts the 2021 Sicily holiday bonus?

The list of structures that accept the holiday bonus in Sicily

  • Lilybeo Village in Marsala (TP);
  • Albatros Beach Hotel in Letojanni (ME);
  • Hotel Ariston in Ustica (PA);
  • Atlantis Palace Hotel in Mascali (CT);
  • Agriturismo Fattoria Spezia in Buseto Palizzolo (TP);
  • Agriturismo Passo dei Briganti in Villaseta Agrigento (AG);

Who accepts Amalfi Coast holiday bonuses?

The Hotel Aurora in Amalfi accepts the 2020/2021 Holiday Bonuses provided for by the Relaunch Decree. The Holiday Bonus attributed to your family unit is identified by a unique code that must be communicated at the time of confirmation of the reserve together with your tax code to pay for the stay.

Who accepts the holiday bonus in Palinuro?

Hotel Hotels B&B in Palinuro and Cilento that apply the Holiday Bonus

  • La Barca Village. Marina di Camerota. …
  • Pica Hotel. Palinuro. …
  • Best Western Hotel La Conchiglia. Palinuro. …
  • Residence Trivento. Palinuro. …
  • Green Village Residence. Marina di Camerota. …
  • America Hotel. Marina di Camerota.

Who accepts the Sorrento holiday bonus?

Come and stay in Sorrento! Villa Oriana Relais is one of the hotels that accepts the holiday bonus by joining the Government’s “Holiday Bonus 2020” initiative. Request dates by filling out the form and specify the value of your bonus.

Who accepts Catania holiday bonuses?

Holiday bonus: the list of participating structures in Sicily

  • Casavostra Al Parco in Catania (CT)
  • Etna Suite Rooms in Catania (CT)
  • Casalotto Inn in Aci Sant’Antonio (CT)
  • B&B Casansaldo in Giarre (CT)
  • B&B Miravalle in Agrigento (AG)
  • Magico Scafa Apartments in Capo d’Orlando (ME)

Who accepts Agropoli holiday bonuses?

Great for HOLIDAY BONUS – Hotel La Darsena

  • Europe.
  • Campania.
  • Province of Salerno.
  • Agropoli.

  • Agropoli hotels.
  • La Darsena Hotel.

Who accepts the holiday bonus in Liguria?


  • Camping delle Rose. Isolabona (IM) …
  • The Village of Giuele. Finale Ligure (SV) …
  • Valdeiva Camping Village. Ronco – Deiva Marina (SP) …
  • Camping Mare Monti. Trigoso – Sestri Levante (GE) …
  • Italy Holiday Park. Vadino – Albenga (SV) …
  • Camping Rosa. …
  • Camping Baciccia. …
  • Camping dei Fiori.

Who accepts holiday bonuses in Bologna?

Hotel Maggiore is your hotel in Bologna for the Holiday Bonus thanks to which you can make your stay using the credit provided by the government decree. To use the Holiday Bonus it is necessary to make a reservation directly at the accommodation facility or through the online booking system.

Where to spend Bologna holiday bonuses?

At the Hotel Astoria you can use your Holiday Bonus

  • It is valid from 1 July to 31 December 2020 and families with an Isee of less than 40,000 euros can apply for it.
  • Euro 150.00 for families consisting of one person.
  • Euro 300.00 for families of two people.

How to book with holiday bonus?

The simplest solution is certainly to book directly from the accommodation facility’s website, by contacting it by phone or via the website form to request and agree on the application of the bonus.

Where do they accept Bonus Vacanze Piemonte?

The structures that adhere to the Bonus Vacanze in Piemonte

  • Villa D’Azeglio Albiano D’Ivrea (TO)
  • The Master Tree Borgofranco D’Ivrea (TO)
  • Cà Borgo Vecchio Brusasco (TO)
  • Cascina Verne Delle Rose Farmhouse Carmagnola (TO)
  • Cortese Residence Castagnole Delle Lanze (AT)
  • The Rainbow Cherasco (CN)
  • La Carosera Cossato (BI)

How is the sea of ​​Agropoli?

The sea of ​​Agropoli is transparent and clean. The best water can be found in Trentova (sandy but small beach) in S. Francesco (stony beach) and at the Porto cliff.

How to extend the holiday bonus?

The government has decided not to reopen the deadline for applications but to incentivize their use by the end of the year. The holiday bonus will not be renewed, but can only be spent by 31 December 2021.

Can anyone who did not apply for the holiday bonus in 2020 apply for it in 2021?

Regarding the holiday bonus, the contribution for families which reaches up to 500 euros, it is important to clarify the situation in 2021. The holiday bonus for this year can only be used, and not requested. The deadline to apply through the IO app was last December 31, 2020.

How to get the 2022 holiday bonus?

This is a contribution that is due to Italian citizens with an ISEE of the family unit equal to or less than 40,000 euros. Its value is: 500 euros for a nucleus made up of three or more people. 300 euros for two people.

How to get the 2022 holiday bonus?

The Bonus can only be requested by a member of the family (in the case of a family), and is quantified on the basis of the number of people in the same nucleus. This aid cannot be fragmented, but it must be spent all together for a single holiday.

How is the sea of ​​Paestum?

Paestum is home to a coastline of more than 10 km which is bathed by truly crystalline sea waters with shallow sea beds. The beach is characterized by fine and soft sand and alternates equipped beaches with stretches of free beach.

How is Agropoli?

With a historic center perched on the sea from which you can enjoy a beautiful view, Agropoli is the ideal base for discovering Cilento. A stone’s throw from the Archaeological park and the beaches of Paestum, it is a really pleasant town, full of beaches, restaurants, typical bars.

Where to go in the evening in Agropoli?

Heretic Pub Agropoli

  • Lounge Bar – Via Lungomare San Marco, 22.
  • Driin Bar – Via della Libertà, 5.
  • Vinarte Wine Bar – intersection with Via Montessori and San Marco promenade.
  • Fashion Bar – Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 36.
  • Nero Cafè – Via Francesco Petrarca, 8.


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