Who can sell tour packages?


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At present, those who can sell trips, tourist experiences or services related to a trip are travel agencies and tour operators. Travel and tourism companies are therefore the only companies recognized to carry out this activity.

Who sells the tour packages?

The travel agent (also known as an intermediary or travel agent) is the one who sells or undertakes to procure tourist packages or individual tourist services disaggregated for a lump sum payment to third parties.

What source of legislation is currently dealing with the sales contract for tourist packages?

REFERENCE STANDARD. Directive (EU) 2015/2302 repeals the previous 90/314 / EEC. … In Italy, the directive was implemented with the legislative decree 21 May 2018, n. 62 and applies to all contracts concluded starting from 1 July 2018.

How to market a tourist package?

The 3 things to do to sell travel experiences

  1. Sell ​​tours and activities alongside other products. Offer travel experiences together with the services you usually offer. …
  2. Personalize your offer. Don’t bore customers with generic offers. …
  3. Use data to customize experiences.

How does the sale of a tourist package take place?

The proposal for the purchase and sale of a tourist package must be drawn up on a specific contractual form, electronic if necessary, completed in its entirety and signed by the customer, who will receive a copy.

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What does a tourist package include?

“You have a tourist package when you sell, or offer for sale at least two, of the three identified elements: transport, accommodation, non-accessory tourist services at a flat rate” This is what has been established by the Court of Cassation.

What is meant by a tourist package?

b) definition of “tourist package”: represents the combination of at least two types of tourist services of transport, accommodation, vehicle rental or other tourist service for the purposes of the same trip, when combined by a single professional, or, even if contracts are concluded separated with single …

What does a tourist package not include?

The rule also excludes that financial services (for example the loans taken out for the purchase of the most expensive trips), or insurance (for example cancellation insurance or insurance) can be considered elements capable of contributing to the formation of the tourist package doctor baggage).

What are the roles of the tour operator and how does it advertise?

In summary, the tour operator creates a tourist package, establishing direct relationships with suppliers and making sure that the travel program is respected. The travel agency often acts as an intermediary between the customer and the Tour Operator.

How to sell travel online?

Selling travel online: the quick guide 2021


When can the traveler withdraw from an already concluded tourist package without expenses?

If the price increase exceeds 8 percent of the agreed amount, the traveler can withdraw from the contract without paying the related expenses, except for administrative costs.

What type of contract does the tour operator stipulate with the tourist?

The sale of tourist packages to the public is carried out through collaboration agreements entered into with retail travel agencies, which have a capillary distribution throughout the territory of interest. The tour operator can enter into contracts with any travel agent, without any limitation.

How long does a tourist package last?

– packages or related tourist services lasting less than 24 hours, unless an overnight stay is foreseen.

What are the tour operators?

A tour operator (in English: tour operator) is a commercial enterprise that sells, develops or simply assembles tourist packages, generally including hotel and / or transfers (for example airline tickets), insurance policies, overnight stays, and other services on site (in case …

Who are the tour operators?

The tour operator, in English tour operator, deals with selling, developing or simply assembling tour packages. … Usually a reselling travel agency acts as an intermediary between the tour operator and the customer and, sometimes, the large operators are themselves service providers.

What is the cheapest tour operator?


  • TRAVEL OF TURQUOISE. By far the best low cost tour operator for destinations in the Mediterranean area and the Middle East. …
  • MARGO ‘Margò is the recent low cost brand of the Eden Viaggi group. …
  • PHONE & GO.

What are the differences between tour operators and travel agents?

The tour operator deals with the organization of trips, stays and tourist packages. It can sell them directly to customers or it can do it through the help of intermediaries, or travel agencies. The travel agency, on the other hand, purely carries out an intermediary activity.

Which are the best Italian tour operators?

The best tour operators in Italy

  • Mappamondo Tour. Mappamondo tour Operator offers the possibility to book dream trips all over the world. …
  • Guinness Travel. Guinnes Travel, active since 1989, and specializes in organized travel in Europe. …
  • OTA Travel. …
  • Traveling islands. …
  • Alpitour.

What is the difference between tour operator and tour organizer?

Tour operators are companies that sell tour packages. the travel agency acts as an intermediary between tour operators and customers. The tour organizers are the organizers of group travel on request.

How are tourist services distinguished?

Tourist services are the “pieces” which, combined in various ways, make up tourist packages or related tourist services.

The first paragraph, letter a) defines the tourist services, that is:

  1. passenger transport.
  2. accommodation.
  3. car rent.
  4. any other tourist service.

How long before a trip is paid?

The trip must be paid for at the latest within 7 days of the departure date.

What does a tour operator offer?

What does the tour operator do? It is a company that creates and markets tourist packages at an all-inclusive price, distributing them to travel agencies. The Tour Operator can deal with incoming or outgoing.

What are the travel documents that the tour operator must prepare?

What documents to ask from a Tour Operator

  • License. Each Tour Operator and each agency must have a regular license issued by the Region, Province or Municipality (according to local regulations). …
  • Technical director. …
  • Civil insurance. …
  • Guarantee fund. …
  • Contract and documents. …
  • September 11, 2001 changed everything.

What does the empty contract provide for full?

The empty-full (empty for full) is a type of contract that consists in purchasing in advance a certain number of rooms (or other contingent of services, e.g. seats on charter flights) for a defined period, regardless of what will be the actual occupation, sale, of the same.

What characteristics must a tourist package have?

the destination and the means of transport used (for example which airline or shipping company it is); the precise location of the hotel, accompanied by the distances from the places of major tourist interest; the quality standard of the residence (for example if it is a three or four star hotel);


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