Who checks the documents at the airport?


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The security officers, in addition to the ticket, will ask you for an identity document to carry out the identification of the person, as well as meticulously check your hand luggage at the scanner to check if you are carrying prohibited objects or substances.

Who is checking the documents at the airport?

Passengers who have not checked in online must check in for their flights at the airport. If you choose to use the check-in counter, ANA airport staff will check your passport and other travel documents and issue a printed boarding pass.

What documents to bring to the airport?

It is therefore important to go to the airport with all the necessary documents, such as passport or identity card, boarding pass or air ticket, any travel insurance and visa, if necessary to cross the border.

How to pass the checks at the airport?

Airport security: tips for getting through security quickly

  1. Keep your boarding pass and travel documents in hand.
  2. Avoid metal objects.
  3. Comfortable clothes.
  4. Never forget important documents or items in airport control containers.

What is the gate at the airport?

Literally, in the airport field, “gates” indicates the door through which to pass to board a plane. In reality, by extension, today it also includes the waiting room or “boarding area” where passengers can stop after having passed the security checks.

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How to know the gate of the flight?

The terminal number can be found on the booking confirmation and / or in the check-in notification email. Alternatively, log into the online booking manager or select the airport of interest from the airport guide to get information about the terminal.

How not to get lost at the airport?

Flying for the first time: how to take a plane, how to get around and what to do at the airport

  1. Search for Low Cost Flights on Skyscanner. …
  2. Book and buy the flight. …
  3. Choose your seat on the plane. …
  4. Check in your hold baggage. …
  5. Head to the security checkpoints. …
  6. Reach the Gate.

What do I have to show at check-in?

For check-in you only need your booking code or etix® ticket number and a valid ID. We urge you to inquire well in advance of the departure date if you will need an entry visa or other similar documents upon arrival.

What do they check at check-in?

Check-in at the counter is the procedure in which the passenger, after arriving at the airport, delivers the baggage that he does not want to take with him or that he is not allowed to take to the cabin, and receives a boarding pass before proceeding to board the plane.

What should I do at check-in?

Online check-in is not mandatory, but it is very convenient especially if you are traveling without luggage. it will be sufficient to show up at the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure, presenting your identity document and the boarding pass for the company.

What documents to travel?

Travel Safe. Travelers heading abroad are advised to always obtain a passport, with residual validity and any visa required by the country of destination (inquire about it at the competent diplomatic-consular office in Italy or with your travel agent).

How do you get on a plane?

The steps required to take the plane

  1. Check in (online or at the airport)
  2. Check in any baggage in the hold.
  3. Go through security checks.
  4. Reach the boarding gate.
  5. Get on the plane.
  6. Collect your baggage upon landing.

What do you need to book a flight?

Just go to the website of the airline you prefer or a search engine for flight comparison, from a PC or smartphone (by navigating from the browser or from the app of the chosen company), and enter in the appropriate screen (usually at the top of the page and easily accessible) the cities of departure and …

How long before departure must I arrive at the airport?

When to arrive at the airport for a domestic flight? The suggested lead time for domestic flights for most airlines is 45 minutes prior to departure time.

How long before the flight do I have to be at the airport with Ryanair?

It is advisable to check in your baggage as soon as possible, the check-in desks open two hours before the flight departure time. It is important to arrive at the boarding gate in good time, at least 30 minutes before the departure time of your flight.

How much does Ryanair online check-in cost?

Online check-in is free for all customers. Checking in is very easy both on our website and on the Ryanair app. You will need the email address used when booking and your booking number.

How much does it cost to check-in at Wizzair airport?

Unfortunately, the check-in at the airport is not free but costs € 30 per flight and per passenger, and € 10 if booked in advance through the website. Yes, if for various reasons you are unable to check-in Wizz Air online, you can book the airport check-in saving € 20.

When to check in Volotea online?

When to Check-In Online Volotea? If you have purchased a seat, you can check in online and download and print your boarding pass from the moment you complete your purchase up to 2.5 hours before your flight departs.

How can I check in online with Easyjet?

Just connect to the official Easyjet website and click on the white button at the top right with the word “Check-in”. A window will appear on the side where the surname and booking reference number will be entered.

Where does Ryanair check-in baggage?

Each passenger can purchase up to 3 pieces of 20kg hold luggage. Before proceeding to the security check, you need to check-in your 20 kg baggage at the check-in counter. The baggage can be picked up at the baggage carousel at the arrival airport.

How to check in eSky online?

After you have submitted your details and the airline has opened the check-in, eSky will check in online for you and send the boarding pass to your e-mail address. Once this is done, you just need to print your boarding pass before leaving for the airport.

What to do to pass the time at the airport?

Definitely a great alternative to things to do at the airport.

Smartphones and tablets

  1. to watch movies.
  2. listen to music.
  3. read articles.
  4. play our favorite game.
  5. call a friend or relatives.

Where do you leave your luggage at the airport?

This baggage handling system exists and is located under the airport structure. It works like this: the suitcases are placed in a container, a sort of crate, one for each suitcase, or they travel on conveyor belts.

Where can you pick up your bags at the airport?

Upon arrival, the baggage is unloaded from the plane, and then carried and loaded onto the conveyor belts at special loading docks. The baggage is then routed to the passenger conveyor belt.

How do you know the flight number?

The flight number, present on each plane ticket, is read continuously and often memorized to always keep track of your departure on the airport monitor.


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