Who is entitled to a reduced ticket to the cinema?


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You don’t pay based on age, but based on height. IMPORTANT to measure your children with shoes because the centimeter makes the difference and the children are measured at the entrance. Children up to 89 cm free then pay the reduced up to 120 cm. Pregnant, disabled and elderly women (over 65) pay the reduced price.

How much does the reduced ticket to the cinema cost?

The cost of a full cinema ticket in a modern multiplex is around 8 euros, which goes up to 10-11 euros if the film is in 3D. Generally children up to 10 (or 12 years old, depending on the cinema) – as well as usually the military – pay a reduced ticket, around 6 euros.

How to save on the cinema ticket?

The cards and coupons

In many cinemas it is possible to access with cards or coupons at discounted prices. If you are a student you should know that there are cards that allow you to go to the cinema from Monday to Friday with a discount on the admission ticket on all shows.

How many cinema tickets with 18app?

Only one ticket can be purchased; just go to the cinema site and generate the coupon, save it on your smartphone or print it and present it at the cinema cash desk on the chosen day: you will receive your entrance ticket!

How can I book Uci cinema tickets?

UCI CINEMAS ITALIA: the app to book tickets in the cinemas of the UCI chain | QuickApp

  1. Reservation: allows you to reserve seats without paying. …
  2. Purchase: allows you to purchase tickets directly by paying with Cinercard or credit card.

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How to contact Uci cinema?

Contact the UCI Cinemas phone number

To buy a ticket online or to request urgent information, call the UCI Cinemas Customer Service Number 892.960. The Call Center is active from Monday to Friday and Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00, on Saturdays from 10.00 to 21.00.

How to buy cinema tickets online?

There are several sites that offer an online booking system, but the easiest way is to enter the one of our favorite cinema or closer to home. In a short time, the page with the rooms, the shows, the prices and the available times of the film that we want to go and see will open.

How to pay for cinema online with 18app?

Using the bonus and coming to the cinema to see a movie is very simple:

  1. Choose the rate based on the movie and the date you will come to the cinema.
  2. Generate the coupon of the exact corresponding value from the 18app website (https://www.18app.italia.it/) or from the Carta del Docente website (https://cartadeldocente. Formazione.it/#/)

How to buy cinema tickets with 18app online?

Access 18app and Teacher’s Card with your digital identity (SPID), carry out the registration procedure until the last step of the acceptance of the legislation, and start creating vouchers up to € 500. Check the price of the goods you intend to purchase and generate a voucher of the same amount.

How to use the bonus at the cinema?

Generate the coupon of the corresponding value, including any supplements (for example the Vip armchair, the 3D glasses) from the 18app website (https://www.18app.italia.it/) or the Teacher’s Card (https: // cartadeldocente . education.it /). 4. Save the coupon on your smartphone or print it.

How to get Uci cinema discounts?

How to use a Uci Cinemas Coupon

See Offer opens a page with a new button Go to Uci Cinemas. You just have to click on the button to land on the Uci Cinemas website. Book your ticket now because the voucher allows you to get an immediate discount.

How much does water cost in the cinema?

Finally, we visit a chain of city lounges, where we finally see lower prices: drinks cost 1.50 / 1.80 euros, water 1 euro, gummy snacks and candies travel on 1 / 1.20 / 1.50. EUR.

How much does the IMAX ticket cost?

€ 11.00 Full IMAX: single seat. € 8.00 Reduced IMAX Children and Senior: children up to 10 years and Senior over 65. € 10.00 I love the IMAX Cinema: from Monday to Friday every hour, Saturday and Sunday excluding holidays, pre-holidays, previews and premieres, suspended from December 20th to January 6th.

How to apply for bonuses 18 years 2002?

To request the culture bonus, you must register on the “18app” platform at the internet address 18app.italia.it, you must be in possession of the Spid. Subsequently, electronic shopping vouchers are generated, with an identification code.

Where to spend teacher voucher?

Among other things, you can buy books, magazines, museum entrances, tickets for cultural events, theater and cinema or to enroll in university degree and master’s courses, courses for refresher activities, carried out by qualified bodies or accredited by the Ministry of ‘Instruction.

What subscriptions can be made with 18app?

concert ticket (single admission tickets, season tickets or cards); ticket for cultural events (entrance tickets to festivals, cultural fairs and circuses); books (paper, audiobooks, ebooks); museum entrance (single entrance tickets or season tickets);

Where to use 18 apps?

For which product category?

  • BOOKS.

How to buy 2 tickets on TicketOne 18 app?

There is only one purchase that can be made with ticketOne, i.e. two tickets cannot be purchased for the same concert – or for the same exhibition or event in question – with the same code coming from the culture bonus of the same person .

What to watch in the cinema?

  • Venom: Carnage’s Fury. (Venom: Let There Be Carnage) Rating: 3.9. …
  • Ron – An Unscheduled Friend. (Ron’s Gone Wrong) …
  • Halloween Kills. Rating: 3.6. …
  • No Time to Die. (Bond 25) …
  • The Last Duel. Rating: 4.0. …
  • Marilyn has black eyes. Rating: 3.6. …
  • DEANDRÉ # DEANDRÉ – Story of an employee. Genre: Documentary. …
  • Time is Up. Rating: 3.4.

How can I cancel Cinelandia booking?

Directly at the cinema cash desk, providing your name and surname or your booking code. Reserved tickets must be collected at the cash desk at least 30 minutes before the start of the show: once the deadline has expired, the system automatically cancels the reservation.

What is WebTic?

WebTic is the Web platform developed by Crea informatica which now boasts 15 years of experience and activity. Crea informatica was the first company in Italy to introduce the use of the booking service for Internet shows (1997).


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