Who is Marialaura de vitis?


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She is from Reggio Emilia, she is 23 years old and she is the ex-girlfriend of Paolo Brosio. She now has 160 thousand followers on social networks. Reggio Emilia, 24 August 2021 – The “box office” of the followers of the Reggio model Maria Laura De Vitis, 23, scores over 160,000 followers on social media.

Who is Maria Laura De Vitis’s mother?

In particular from her mother Anna Marcacci who recently completed the incredible milestone of 100 years. Last April 4, the woman was a guest of Barbara D’Urso on Sunday Live and she spared no accurate and timely words at the sight of her son with her young girl.

What does Maria Laura De Vitis do?

In addition to her modeling career, De Vitis also took part in various television programs, such as Ciao Darwin, hosted by Paolo Bonolis, and Appuntamento a prima vista on Real Time. Particularly active on social media, she is also a very followed influencer who boasts many followers.

When was Brosio’s girlfriend born?

Marialaura De Vitis was born in Reggio Emilia in 1998.

How old is Marialaura?

Marialaura was born in Reggio Emilia in 1998 (she is 22 years old) and, immediately after graduating in Communication Sciences, she moved to Milan. She already from the age of 17 she begins to participate in some beauty contests such as “Miss World Italy” and “Miss Universe Emilia Romagna”.

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How much does Maria Laura weigh?

176 cm tall, weighs 53 kilos, brown hair, brown eyes and Mediterranean beauty. She graduated from high school. In July 2020 she graduated in Communication Sciences.

How old is Maria Laura Brosio’s fiancée?

The model is 22 years old.

She was national finalist Miss Universe Italy 2019, Miss World Italy 2018, Miss Italy 2017, so we read on her Facebook profile. From her, according to the information made public on social media, she has studies in Communication at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Who is Paolo Brosio’s first wife?

Married and divorced from Serenella Corigliano from whom he obtained the cancellation of the religious marriage, in 2004 he married the Cuban model Gretel Coello, from whom he divorced in 2008.

Who is Serenella Corigliano?

Serenella Corigliano and Gretel Coello, who are the two ex-wives of Paolo Brosio: the first marriage canceled, the second with a civil ceremony, the journalist’s story. … After the divorce, however, Brosio married another woman, in September 2004, after a two-year engagement.

Who is Davide Cinotti?

Davide Cinotti, already known to the most assiduous gossip fans as the protagonist of a flirtation with the Brazilian-born model Gretel Coello, ex wife of Paolo Brosio, has opened the Food & Bet in his hometown. Food and betting, in fact.

What disease does Brosio have?

The latter, in fact, told Brosio in confidence that her first husband suffered from ludopathy, the gambling disease, and the journalist, in response, smiled and told outspokenly that he too had a disease. , that of “women”.

Why is Paolo Brosio famous?

Paolo Brosio was born in Asti on 27 September 1956. He became famous as a journalist thanks to Emilio Fede’s TG 4 in the 90s. His career then continued on TV as a character, thanks to the fact that he embraced the Catholic faith at a certain point in his life.

What does Paolo Brosio do in life?

Paolo Brosio is a television host, journalist and writer. After graduating with full marks in Law from the University of Pisa, he began collaborating with some newspapers such as La Nazione di Firenze and then as a press office for the Pisa Calcio team.

What work did Paolo Brosio’s father do?

He had been an amateur cyclist and an Italian tambourine champion. Teacher of foreign literature at the University of Turin, he had been the first high school teacher in Asti.


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