Who is the architectural designer?


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The designer is the person who draws up a project, often of an architectural or technical design nature, through a design process or activity: it is a professional figure who, with his own cultural background and adequate experience, first thinks and conceives what will be built. after.

What does the building designer do?

The building designer, whether he is an architect, an engineer, or a surveyor, is the professional figure who, thanks to his technical knowledge and professional experience, designs and draws with technical tables what will then be created during the construction phase.

Who is it that designs the houses?

The technical director of the construction site – a surveyor or a civil engineer – is responsible for planning and managing the works by verifying the congruence between the project, specific proposals and budget, defining the construction times and the need for human and technical resources.

What are the phases of the design process?

Planning and administrative process of an architectural project


What does an architectural project include?

In a broader concept, the complete architectural project includes the development of the design of a building, the distribution of uses and spaces, the way of using materials and technologies and the preparation of the set of floors, with details and perspectives.

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What is a preliminary project for?

The preliminary project defines the qualitative and functional characteristics of the works, the framework of the needs to be met and the specific services to be provided in compliance with the indications of the preliminary design document; highlights the areas involved, any relevant buffer zones and …

How is an architectural project born?

We start designing when we sit in front of a blank sheet and draw lines and signs, which allow us to represent a first idea through the sketch. The sketch represents a first hypothesis of the project: a preliminary phase subsequently verified through technical drawings and models.

What are the phases of a project?

The four phases that mark the life of the project are: conception / start-up, planning, execution / implementation and closure. Each project therefore has a beginning, a middle period, a completion and a final phase (successful or not).

What are the planning stages?

Most projects are developed in 5 phases: start, definition and planning, execution, implementation, control and conclusion. Each of these phases contains specific activities that will help you and achieve your project goals.

What does the executive project contain?

The executive project of the plants, also drawn up on the basis of the calculations, is made up of: overall drawings; detailed description of the various parts of the system with references to the calculations carried out; specification of the functional and qualitative characteristics of the materials.

Who designs the buildings?

The architect is a professional expert in the field of design who, as a rule, intervenes on a structural level on a building, taking care of both the external and internal works.

How are houses designed?

The most traditional method is to reproduce the plan of the house or floor on paper or graph paper. First of all, it is necessary to take the measurements of the floor, walls and connections – electricity, water, gas – with a meter or a tape measure and write them in pencil on a notepad.

What is meant by a designer?

The designer is the person who draws up a project, often of an architectural or technical design nature, through a design process or activity: it is a professional figure who, with his own cultural background and adequate experience, first thinks and conceives what will be built. after.

What to do after graduating in Construction Engineering?

There are many job opportunities for graduates in construction engineering, in fact they can be hired in:

  • construction companies;
  • companies related to the construction sector;
  • design companies;
  • technical offices of the Public Administration;

What are the three stages of building design?

Project elaboration

Preliminary project: to be submitted to the approval of the client (ie the customer). Final project: it is presented to the Municipality to obtain the necessary authorizations. Executive project: determines in every detail the works to be carried out and the related expected cost.

What are the stages of realization of a public work?

The three phases, which identify a growing in-depth study, are: feasibility project, definitive, executive.

What is the first phase of the design?

First phase: start of the project

establish the motivation that led to start the project (feasibility study) make an economic evaluation of the effects of the project (cost / benefit analysis) define the purpose of the project (definition of objectives)

What is the initial design phase of a program structure called?

Pre-alpha. The Pre-alpha version refers to all the activities carried out during the software project before the formal tests. These activities may include requirements analysis, software design, software development, and unit testing.

How many stages are there in the project life cycle?

The project management life cycle is a process that follows the entire development of the project, from the beginning to its completion. Each project process consists of five key phases, which include: initiation, planning, monitoring and control and closure.

How is a project born?

In fact, a project always comes from an idea, just like a plant comes from a seed that needs to be cared for, nourished and controlled at all stages of development and consolidation in order to grow. … That is, it is necessary to set project objectives by developing an organic project divided into phases.

How is the construction of a building done?

The construction begins with the excavation and casting of the foundations, on which the load-bearing structure rises: the reinforced concrete pillars, the beams and the floors. Proceed in the same way up to the roof slab, which can be pitched or flat. In the meantime, the walls are raised.

What is the first architectural structure built by man?

The first true architectural treatise is Vitruvius’s De architectura, in which a first definition of the discipline is given and the figure of the architect and his knowledge is outlined.

What are the preliminary draft documents?

preliminary geological, hydrogeological and archaeological investigations; general plan and graphic diagrams; first indications and provisions for the drafting of safety plans; summary calculation of expenditure.


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