Who is the commendatore of don giovanni?


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Leporello: servant of Don Giovanni. He transcribes his master’s love affairs in a catalog (bass-baritone or bass). Commander: the Lord of Seville and father of Donna Anna; at first he is killed by Don Giovanni but returns in the form of a statue to punish him (low or deep low).

What is the stone guest?

Stone guest is a metaphorical expression, rather refined, which is mainly used in journalistic language to indicate an impending presence (person or thing), but at the same time, invisible, silent and, consequently, rather disturbing and unpredictable, known by all , but from no one …

How long does Mozart’s Don Giovanni last?

Duration approx. 3h 30min. including a range. Live performance details are subject to change.

How does Don Giovanni end?

Don Giovanni ends up in hell at the hands of Donna Anna’s father, as in tradition. … Among these is that of the catalog in which Leporello, Don Giovanni’s servant, lists to Donna Elvira, who is also deceived, the list of the beloved women of her master.

What is Mozart’s Don Giovanni inspired by?

The character was created by the Spaniard Tirso de Molina in the seventeenth century, with the work “The deceiver of Seville and the stone guest”. The stone guest named in the title is the funerary statue of a nobleman killed in a duel by Don Giovanni himself, mockingly invited to dinner by his assassin.

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What does it mean to be a Don Giovanni?

dongiovanni (or Dòn Giovanni) sm – Courtier of gallant and enterprising women: to be a d., to be a d.; a d. from overwork, whose resourcefulness turns into foolish boast. … sm [grafia unita di don Giovanni, nome del protagonista del Burlador de Sevilla, di Tirso de Molina (1630)].

What is the plot of Don Giovanni?

A brief summary: Don Giovanni is a noble knight with an unbridled passion for women; in order to conquer them, he resorts to any means, including deceit and lies. … he also falls in love with Donna Elvira’s maid, and to conquer her he puts into effect yet another deception of her; he exchanges clothes with Leporello.

When was Don Giovanni born?

– Adventurer (Venice 1725 – Dux, Bohemia, 1798); son of actors, soon fatherless and entrusted by his mother (Giovanna Maria Casanova, Giovanni Giacomo, called Zanetta) to his maternal grandmother, he was a student in Padua, a cleric in Venice and Calabria, secretary of the cardinal …

What musical work does Mozart fail to complete?

The composition of the requiem

When his strength began to fail due to the hard work and he realized that he could not identify the man, the Austrian composer was convinced that the client was an emissary from the afterlife who had actually commissioned him to write the requiem mass for himself.

How to say Don Giovanni in French?

Clouseau, you are a Don Juan. Clouseau, vous êtes un don juan.

What does it mean to be a Casanova?

– Man devoted to amorous adventures, great conqueror, unscrupulous seducer; it is an antonomastic use of the name of Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, a famous Venetian writer and adventurer (1725-1798).

Why is Mozart’s Requiem shrouded in mystery?

The work is linked to the controversial story of his death which took place the day after the completion of the vocal parts of Lacrimosa. Stendhal speaks of an anonymous client who commissioned Mozart, sick and fallen into poverty, to compose a requiem mass in four weeks, for a fee of fifty ducats.

Why did Mozart write the Requiem?

When Count Franz von Walsegg zu Stuppach, an aspiring composer, decided to celebrate the anniversary of his wife’s death on February 14, 1791, he chose to commission a Requiem from Mozart which he would later want to pass as his own.

How were theaters illuminated in Mozart’s time?

Critics generally confine themselves to mere speculation. Mozart’s Magic Flute should be seen as it is, that is, in the literal sense. If anything, you can find jokes and delightful theater games, which represent the life of the time and the events that took place around the Salzburgerland, in the context of that year 1791.

Who are the librettists?

The librettist is the poet who writes the lyrics of an opera. Until 1700 it was he who made the decisions, while the composer was less important. In 1800 the composer became the real celebrity. In addition, some composers have written librettos themselves, for example Richard Wagner.

What is the role of the librettist?

The librettist is the author of the VERSES we hear, at times he is the creator of the work; he especially he manages to give body, meaning and to make us understand ideas, emotions, characteristics of the characters, etc.

What is the function of the librettist?

The definition of librettist in the dictionary is whoever writes the text of a melodrama.

What is the libretto in melodrama?

opera libretto Dramatic component, mostly in verse, specially written (often reducing and adapting other literary work – comedy, drama, etc. – or deriving the material from it) to offer the text to the composer of a musical work.

How were the theaters illuminated?

Candles and oil lamps, which had been the only form of illumination in all theaters until the end of the eighteenth century, were set aside first in favor of gas and footlights, then electricity.

How to place the lights on the stage?

The illuminated stage area and the actor’s shadow will begin to stretch out to the rear. As the projector is moved forward the actor’s face will enjoy more light but the illuminated stage area will increase, the light will be less selective and the shadows will begin to become visible on the stage backdrop.

What is sung in the requiem?

For many centuries the texts of the requiem were sung to Gregorian melodies. The first polyphonic setting is generally attributed to the composer Johannes Ockeghem, around 1460; his requiem is supposed to draw heavily on the elder Guillaume Dufay, but Dufay’s score has been lost.


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