Who is undercover agate?


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Who is Alejandra Onieva, Agata Farina in Undercover 2?

Who is Agata in Undercover?

Among the actors there is also Alejandra Onieva in the role of Agata Farina. Waiting to see her on TV, we discover something more about her about her private and public life.

Who is Agata in the capture of Zagaria?

The team discovers that Agata Farina is the daughter of a bricklayer who had done the work on the boss’s first bunker 23 years earlier. Zagaria begins to take an interest in the young daughter of the Ventriglias, Giulia.

Where is Undercover filmed?

We go down into the belly of the Campania metropolis to discover some of the most particular locations where the fiction “Undercover” was filmed. We go down into the belly of the Campania metropolis to discover some of the most particular locations where the fiction “Undercover” was filmed.

When is Undercover?

The first episode (consisting of three episodes) will be broadcast on Saturday 17 April 2021 at 21.25; the second episode (other three episodes) Saturday 24 April 2021 at 21.25; the third and last (the last two episodes) Saturday 1 May 2021 always at 21.25.

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When does the undercover series end?

The reruns of Undercover 2 will end on Saturday 1 May, in prime time on Raiuno. The fiction with Claudio Gioé and Alessandro Preziosi, after proposing a slightly modified program compared to that of 2017, will in fact broadcast the finale of the second and last season .

Where is The Capture of Zagaria set?

Naples, 2011. The head of the mobile squad Michele Romano receives a tip from an informer about the position of Michele Zagaria, boss of the Casalesi family still at large.

What does it mean to be undercover?

In practice, the undercover agent is the one who acts by hiding his identity as a policeman (or belonging to the police) in order to blend in with the criminals.

Who is Agata Farina?

Alejandra Onieva is the Spanish actress who gives her face to Agata Farina in the new fiction Undercover, the capture of Zagaria broadcast tonight on Rai 1. The public knows her well as Soledad, the young and charming girl from Il Segreto, a soap very popular of Canale 5.

Who is the daughter of the Roman commissioner?

Finally, Carlo would like to make peace with Chiara (Alessandra Costantini), daughter of the Roman commissioner. The second season also marks the arrival of new characters.

How many seasons of undercover?

Undercover episodes. The television series Undercover consists of ten episodes originally broadcast in two seasons, by Rai 1, between 2015 and 2017.

Who authorizes covert operations?

The officers and judicial police officers employed in all the operations described can use documents, identities or coverage indications, issued by the competent bodies also to activate or get in touch with subjects and sites in the communication networks.

How to become an undercover agent?

It is possible to become an undercover agent in any role of the police, the main prerequisite is to collect evidence and not to commit crimes, as well as authorized by the competent judicial authority.

How did he get undercover?

In the fourth and final episode of the second season of the fiction, the head of the Mobile Squad Michele Romano settles in Rome, but asks not to disband his team. Meanwhile, Carlo (Antonio Folletto), after having confessed his betrayal to the boss, is pardoned and sent back to Naples.

How does it end between Agata and Nicola?

Nicola obeys Zagaria and kills Agata. The boss watches the scene. Zagaria, to distract herself from her, orders Claudia to go down to her bunker. … Zagaria’s right arm, Cangiano, tries to kill Nicola, but Agata, who is alive, kills him.

How much does a simple carabiniere earn?

A simple carabiniere, as just explained, receives a salary of 1,561.65 euros to which must be added the retirement allowance of 531.72 euros which brings the monthly to 2,093.35. The following ranks are those of chosen carabiniere, pinned and chosen pinned carabiniere.

How much does a marshal earn?

With regard to the staff of the marshals role, a marshal earns € 22,211.74 gross per year, an ordinary marshal receives € 23,324.55 per year, a chief marshal earns € 23,769.68 gross per year while a first marshal receives € 24,481. 88 euros gross per year, a first …

Who was the Roman commissioner?

Michele Romano, who is the commissioner played by Claudio Gioè in the Rai Undercover fiction: the facts and details of the first episode of the policeman who captures the boss Antonio Iovine.

How much money does a VFP4 take?

In fact we talked about salary for reasons of clarity, but technically that of the volunteers is a pay on a daily basis; in practice, a VFP1 receives around 32 euros per day net and a VFP4 around 37.

How much does a retired policeman earn?

The pension is currently provisional. The last monthly salary in service is as follows: salary 1,496.72 euros; retirement allowance 658.50 euros; seniority allowance € 78.16; function check 150.02 euros.

How much does a carabiniere earn net per month?

the salary of a carabiniere with the rank of captain is 2233.04 euros, plus the retirement allowance of 868.08 euros, for a total of 3,101.12 euros; the salary of a Brigadier General Carabiniere is 3,300 euros per month; the salary of a Carabiniere General of the Army Corps is 4,000 euros per month.

How much does a GIS operator earn?

The average salary for gis in Italy is € 29 500 per year or € 15.13 per hour.


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