Who issues the book coupons?


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The school will deliver to the families the book coupons through the class teacher, filled in with the indication of the school texts adopted by the Teaching Board for the class attended and bearing the school stamp, in triplicate (for the municipality, for the school and for the library).

Who issues the book coupon?

The document necessary to obtain the book is the “COUPON LIBRARY”. It is a coupon printed in different colors (according to the class attended) that is issued by the school in the first days of the school year.

How to get the book coupon?

Homeschooling and book coupon

To whom should we send our request for the book coupon? It is important to address our official request to the child’s municipality of residence. We remind you that according to the DL n297 / 94 art. 156 the free supply of textbooks is the responsibility of the municipality.

How to download the Genoa book coupon?

From tomorrow it will be possible to download the book coupons directly from the Citizen’s File. just go to the “IoGenitore” area and click on “Children at school”: among many services, even the one for Book coupons.

Who pays for the primary school books?

I am a primary school teacher. By law, elementary school books are free (they are financed by the Municipality of residence, even for those who attend a private school).

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Where to find the list of school books?

Connect to the site consultation.adozioniaie.it. Search for your institution by specifying at least one parameter between Grade, Institute Ministerial Code, Institute Name and City (by entering grade or city it is necessary to specify at least two parameters) Find the name of your school. Select the Class Map item.

What are coupons for books?

The book coupon is a document used to obtain free of charge the textbooks provided for by the ministerial circulars and adopted by the Teaching Body in primary school.

How does it work with coupons?

Coupons represent income from equity and bond securities. In the case of shares, the amount of the coupons is represented by the portion of the profits that the directors of the company decide to distribute to the shareholders – subject to the approval of the shareholders’ meeting – in the form of ordinary dividends.

What to do with the coupons?

Book coupons: Where can books be picked up? According to the agreement required by law and which provides for the union between schools and stationery bookstores, parents have the duty to sign copies of the coupons and go with them to a local bookstore to receive the textbooks requested by the school free of charge. .

When do the book coupons arrive?

Coupons are available starting from 01/06/2021 and until 02/07/2021. – With the coupon, parents book their textbooks with their trusted operator (parents will agree with the retailer on the times and methods for free collection of textbooks).

When do the coupons of the books arrive?

Municipality of Naples – Secondary school book coupons – as of 2021/2022.

How many first-grade books are there?

The first year there can be a total of ten books. But rest assured. In primary school, books are free. The teachers will give you a coupon to be delivered to the bookstore to book them and get them for free.

What are half-yearly coupons?

The coupon (annual, half-yearly or quarterly) instead indicates the interest that the holder of the bond will collect periodically for the entire life of the security or in any case for the entire time in which he will hold it in his portfolio. It is also called the nominal interest rate and is calculated on the face value of the security.

What is meant by a coupon?

Coupon attached to the certificate representing a security which, detached from the certificate, allows the holder to collect interest (in the case of a bond) or dividends (in the case of a share) accrued, as well as exercise (in the case of shares) administrative rights and …

How to search for school books on Amazon?

  1. Log in to Amazon.it with the credentials with which you are registered or register an account and connect a valid payment method (we remind you that the registration to Amazon is free)
  2. Click here to visit Amazon’s page dedicated to school books.

How to search for school books on Amazon?

Amazon has a page dedicated to the purchase of school books in which just click on the image in the foreground to temporarily access the site www.adozionilibriscolastici.it, where the database of books based on the selected class is located.

How to check textbooks?

AIE provides you with the website www.adozioniaie.it where you can access the complete catalog of textbooks proposed by publishers for your teaching subject. It’s simple, just register with your email.

How much do middle school books cost?

The average expenditure for textbooks in the current school year is around 286 euros for the first class of middle school, 111 for the second, 127 for the third (spending ceilings which, as we know, are sometimes exceeded by more than 10 % tolerated).

How to order primary school books?

For elementary school books, therefore, it is sufficient to go to the bookstore closest to the school, because you will certainly have stocked up on the books adopted and you will not have to wait for a specific order.

What pens are used in first grade?

Pens in the first grade are not used. Pencils would be better to choose soft ones to avoid making children too much trouble with excessively hard leads. One thing that teachers usually always ask for are pocketknives with reservoirs: this prevents the children from getting up too much during the lesson.

Which notebooks are used in first grade?

SQUARED NOTEBOOKS – In 1st grade, notebooks with 10 mm squares without side margins are usually used to make the first approach with numbers easier. In the 2nd grade they begin to use notebooks with Q cross-section, 5 mm with a red side margin.

Where to find PDF school books?

7 sites to download PDF textbooks

  • Free Book Spot.
  • Free Tech Books.
  • Project Gutenberg.
  • Textbook Revolution.
  • Bookyards.
  • EbookLobby.
  • AvaxHome.

When does the 2021 book bonus arrive?

The grant request can be submitted from 6 September 2021 until 6.00 pm on 26 October 2021, exclusively online through the application available at the internet address http://scuola.er-go.it which can be accessed via SPID.

How to redeem book bonuses?


Please note that, to spend the coupon, it is sufficient to contact accredited bookstores / bookstores, equipped with an identification document and tax code of the beneficiary.


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