Who writes the puppy jokes?


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Now the baton passes to Sio, alias Simone Albrigi. The Veronese cartoonist is loved for his short ironic strips, which are animated on his very popular Youtube channel Scottecs (with over two million followers) and published in Scottecs Magazine.

Who makes the cartoons of the Cucciolone?

The new edition of Cucciolone, Algida’s historic and popular ice cream, will have drawings by Simone Albrigi, aka Sio, on its biscuit. The youtuber and cartoonist will therefore continue the tradition of the Cucciolone jokes, enriching them with his characters.

Why is ice cream called Cucciolone?

The Cucciolone is an exceptional symbol of the biological and existential growth of its most loyal consumers because it sanctions, right from its name, the moment in which they stop being satisfied with what they are and begin to pursue an ideal of greatness, more or less boastful.

Where is Cucciolone Algida produced?

The production of ice cream is carried out mainly in the factory located in Campania. From the Caivano (Naples) plant, one of the largest in the world, hundreds of millions of ice creams destined for the Italian and European market come out every year.

Where is the Cucciolone produced?

Its production

The production of Algida ice creams is mainly carried out in the plant located in Caivano (the main office in the province of Naples), practically one of the largest in the world which produces hundreds of millions of ice creams for the Italian and European market every year.

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Who produces for Algida?

Algida (pronounced àlgida) is an Italian brand specializing in the production of packaged ice cream belonging to the Heartbrand division of the Dutch-British multinational Unilever.

Who produces NUII ice cream?

Logo-Nuii – Froneri Italy.

Where was Algida Pigneto born?

Algida was founded in Rome in 1946 (some sources report 1945) by Italo Barbiani and Alfred Wiesner. The first plant was in via del Pigneto 14 (today via del Pigneto 5 / b).

What is the name Algida in Germany?

Heartbrand is a brand belonging to the Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever.

What is the name Algida abroad?

The story of Heartbrand, the brand owned by the Anglo-Dutch giant Unilever, which in Italy we know as Algida, is truly unique. But which in the UK and China goes by the name of Wall’s, while in the United States it was baptized Good Humor.

What does the Cucciolone taste like?

Il Cucciolone is an ice cream with biscuit produced by Algida; it consists of two malt biscuits, with humorous cartoons drawn on them, which contain three strips of ice cream each with a different taste: cream, low-fat cocoa and zabaglione.

How much does the Cucciolone gelato cost?

Cucciolone Algida Ice Cream 480 G 6 Pcs – FrescoMarket. Buy Cucciolone Algida Ice Cream 480 G 6 Pcs at a cost of € 3.49 (€ 7.27 / KG).

What happened to Eldorado ice creams?

Then, at the end of the last century, Eldorado disappeared and migrated definitively under Algida, the brand it has accompanied for more than 30 years.

How do you eat the puppy?

Puppy. In this order we eat zabaglione, chocolate, cream. I usually open a corner to see if I’m on the right side, because if I’m wrong to pull it out and turn it, my fingers get messed up on the joke on it.

How to eat the puppy?

La Girella: it is eaten following the spiral. Il Cucciolone: ​​it is not true that you eat in ten-bites-ten. First you let it melt a little, while waiting you kill time by reading the jokes about the biscuit that are not funny.

What is the name Algida?

The history of the Algida brand

The company “Algida, ice cream food industry” had as its corporate purpose the “wholesale of frozen fruit, manufacture and wholesale of ice cream”.

What does NUII mean?

In the case of the Nuii brand, the word “adventure” closes an open circle with the name. Nuii with the double vowel ii leads to an exotic and distant land, makes one think of an indigenous culture, of a people on the other side of the hemisphere, recalls Rapa Nui, the language of Easter Island, Polynesia.

When was the Algida Viennetta born?

La Viennetta is a semifreddo dessert made with cream ice cream and thin flakes of dark chocolate. This dessert was first launched by Algida in 1982 using a technique devised by Kevin Hillman, head of development at the company’s Gloucester facility.

How many calories does NUII have?

There are 248 calories in 1 ice cream (67 grams).

Who does Eskigel produce for?

Eskigel. It produces ice cream in tubs for large-scale distribution – Panorama, Pam, Carrefour, Auchan, Conad, Coop. Sold to the British with pledged shares to a pool of banks. Parmalat.

How much do Algida croissants cost?

€ 5,99 VAT included.


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