Why Atletico Madrid plays in Bucharest?


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The match, Uefa announced, will be played in Bucharest, at the Arena Nationala. The date, 23 February, and the time of the match, scheduled for 9 pm, remain confirmed. The move was necessary due to the restrictions in force between Spain and England which make it impossible for Londoners to travel to the Spanish capital.

Where is Atletico Madrid Chelsea played?

The match will be played at Stamford Bridge in London, with kick-off scheduled at 9pm. The match will be broadcast by Sky Sport Football and Sky channel 253, streamed on the SkyGo application reserved for subscribers.

Who Won La Liga 2021?

The Primera División 2020-2021, commercially called Liga Santander for sponsorship reasons, was the 90th edition of the Spanish football league played between 12 September 2020 and 23 May 2021 and ended with Atlético Madrid’s victory, in their eleventh title.

Will Who Win the Uefa Cup Go to the Champions League?

Since 2000, in place of the suppressed Cup Winners’ Cup, the champion team has acquired the right to participate in the UEFA Super Cup against the Champions League holder; Furthermore, since 2015, the winning club of the Europa League obtains official qualification for the next edition of the Champions League.

How many league titles has Atletico Madrid won?

Real Madrid, with 34 statements, boasts the most successes, Barcelona are in second place in this ranking, with 26, while Atletico Madrid are third at eleven, followed by Athletic Bilbao with eight.


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