Why is it called a gestatory chair?


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Gestatory CHAIR. – Armchair in which the pope, dressed in pontifical robes, is carried in procession in great ceremonies. The use of the gestatorial chair, reminiscent of the curule chair in which they were carried around the city ….

Who removed the gestation chair?

Pope John Paul II replaced the gestatory chair with the popemobile, a special car that allows good visibility of the pope and has the advantage of increasing safety.

What is the Pope’s throne called?

The expression papal throne today simply means “the throne of the Pontiff” and therefore indicates the Chair of St. Peter, the Holy See and, with metonymy, the office and authority of Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church.

Who held the Pope’s mobile throne?

Curiosity / Meaning about: Once it held the Pope’s mobile throne in solemn functions. organization of the group: there were the “deacons” assigned to the more material functions, the teachers, the council of elders (or presbyters) who governed the group …

What is the name of the king’s chair?

The throne is a ceremonial seat used in particular by monarchs.

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What does papal throne mean?

solium]lett. – 1. [seggio di chi riveste un potere sovrano: soglio reale, pontificio] ≈ (lit.) stool, seat, threshold, throne.

What is the pontifical?

Solemn, majestic, full of haughtiness: to assume an air, a pontifical tone. 3. sma The pontifical mass: taking part in the p .; on Sunday the bishop will celebrate Fr.

What are they accustomed to?

be usual: v. usually), and is always combined with another verb in the infinitive: it usually comes out every evening; Protagoras used to say that man is the measure of all things; he was … afraid of the wild beasts that usually live in the woods (Boccaccio); When …

How do you say can you tell?

As they say it has the meaning of “as is customary to say”, “as it is normally said in these cases”.

How do you say examples?


  1. Well, more and less, as they say. …
  2. It was clear that in the past she had been pretty; but the years, as they say, had left their mark on her. …
  3. As they say, he became another person. …
  4. There reigned that embarrassment full of snares, which often precedes a crime.

How used to say meaning?

To be usual, to have by custom, by custom.

What does the verb vigere mean?

– Be in force, have strength; it is used almost exclusively. in the third person sing. and plur. of simple times, with reference to laws, regulations, customs: the peoples where the Salic law was in force; customs that still exist in some countries; then the use of …


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