Why is rhubarb good for you?


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Rhubarb also has strong anti-inflammatory activities (widely used for external use for burns and wounds), but also emollient, antiseptic and tonic. “It is also an excellent diuretic, used to purify the body and is also useful against menstrual pain”.

What is rhubarb used for?

Rhubarb (genus Rheum) is a plant belonging to the Poligoniaceae family. Widely used as a food, it is digestive, hepatoprotective, purgative, purifying, aperitif and decongestant.

What plant is rhubarb?

The rhubarb plant (rheum rhaponticum or rheum rhabarbarum, of the polygonaceae family) is a polyennial herb that forms a large tap root, from this rhizome the secondary root system starts and on it there are the buds from which coasts and leaves.

How is rhubarb consumed?

How to take rhubarb

The mixture is placed in a cup of boiling water and left to act for about 6 minutes. Finally, it should be filtered and drunk before meals, so as to be able to act on the well-being of the liver and digestion or in the evening before going to bed in case of constipation.

How much rhubarb per day?

The dosage of Rhubarb provided for in the clinical studies conducted to date includes its administration in the form of an extract, in a daily dosage ranging from 20 to 50 mg per kilo of body weight.

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What is mallow tea used for?

Mallow and its extracts are used to counteract inflammation of the oropharyngeal cavity and to relieve coughs and bronchitis, thanks to the anti-inflammatory, soothing and emollient properties conferred by the mucilages present in the flowers and leaves of the plant.

What is Boldo used for?

Thanks to the ability of the alkaloids contained in boldo to increase the secretion of gastric juices and to promote the production of bile, this plant is a valid remedy in the treatment of dyspeptic disorders and associated symptoms (such as feeling of fullness, flatulence, etc. ).

Where is rhubarb found?

Rhubarb is a perennial herbaceous plant found in the wild in Europe and Asia.

When do you eat rhubarb?

The rhubarb season: April to June.

What are edible roots?

List of edible roots:

  • Beets: Generally, for human consumption only the leaves and roots of these roots are used which are characterized by a bright red color and a rounded shape. …
  • Carrots: …
  • Turmeric: …
  • Water chestnut: …
  • Ginseng: …
  • Cassava: …
  • Daikon White and Daikon Black: …
  • Rutabaga:

When to divide rhubarb?

Division of rhubarb plants should be done in early spring, as soon as the soil warms up enough for it to work and before new, tender shoots emerge.

When and how is rhubarb harvested?

Rhubarb harvest

The collection of leaves or stems must be done in the second year of planting from late spring to the end of summer while in autumn the rhizome is collected. The rhubarb stalks will be ready for harvest when they reach a thickness of between 1.5 and 2.5 cm.

What plant is caraway?

Caraway, scientific name Carum carvi, is a plant of the Apiacea family. Similar to the wild carrot plant, Carvi is a biennial plant with an erect stem that can reach a height of 60 cm.

What is tamarind used for?

The pulp of tamarind fruit has always been used in folk medicine as a remedy to combat constipation, both acute and chronic, and for the treatment of gallbladder and liver disorders.

What is anise used for?

The phytotherapeutic properties of anise concern its use as a digestive, carminative, stimulant of the exocrine glands, galactogogue and balsamic. Expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties are also described for the respiratory tract, as well as galactogogues (folk medicine).

What is milk thistle used for?

Thanks to the antihepatotoxic properties known since ancient times, milk thistle is used in case of organic and functional suffering of the liver due to pathologies such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and steatosis (it would have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties); it also has cholagogue properties (i.e. it favors the …

How to peel rhubarb?

Wash the rhubarb and remove the leaves with a knife. Remove the outer part with the kitchen knife until all the filaments are removed from the ribs. Cut the ribs into larger or smaller pieces and prepare them as you like.

When to harvest rhubarb for jam?

The harvest period is from late spring to late summer. Harvest rhubarb based on the age of the plant. It is important not to weed out during the first year of growth, as you will weaken it.

How to replace rhubarb?

Rhubarb and almonds. Rhubarb and almonds is a crunchy surprise inside a never too sweet jam. or, why not, a rhubarb and almond cake recipe.

How is rhubarb harvested?

There are two ways to harvest rhubarb. One way is to use a sharp knife or scissors to cut stems of 10cm or more. The second is to gently pull the stem by tilting it to one side until the stem breaks away from the plant.

What grass is Boldo?

Boldo (Peumus boldus) is a perennial plant of the Monimiaceae family, used for difficult digestion, constipation and liver failure thanks to its detoxifying, digestive and cholagogue properties.

What is ash used for?

Ash is used against joint pain, cellulite and water retention. Furthermore, its leaves have an antidiuretic, antirheumatic action and are useful against difficult digestion.

What is Gentian used for?

Gentian is used to stimulate appetite and to treat dyspeptic disorders, such as the feeling of fullness and flatulence. Gentian has proved very useful in the treatment of the aforementioned ailments, thanks to its high content of bitter substances.

When to drink mallow tea?

Mallow herbal tea is recommended as a calming and relaxing drink to be taken in the evening to relax and sleep better but also after meals as a natural digestive.

How to use mallow as an anti-inflammatory?

To prepare the mallow herbal tea in the form of an infusion, pour 2 teaspoons of dried mallow into a cup, add 250 ml of water brought to a boil and left to cool and let it rest for 10-15 minutes, then filter and drink the liquid. obtained in doses of one or two cups a day.


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