Why the edelweiss?


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Edelweiss is the queen of the Alps.

Symbol of resilience and eternal youth, the star flower has anti-aging and antioxidant properties developed thanks to its natural adaptation to the alpine environment.

Why is it called edelweiss?

The meaning and symbolism of the Edelweiss

The scientific name comes from the Greek lèon = lion and pòdion = foot. The translation, therefore, turns out to be “lion’s foot”. The name of Germanic origin “edelweiss” instead means “noble and white”.

What does it mean to give an edelweiss?

It is a symbol of courage because of the contempt for danger; in fact, to collect it you have to climb impervious peaks and dare to go beyond the beaten paths. To give to: a true mountain and high-altitude sports enthusiast.

What is special about the edelweiss?

Edelweiss is a rather low plant, which never reaches high heights and usually stops at 15 cm. The flowers of the plant, contrary to popular belief, are not white: those are the leaves, often confused with the petals.

How did the edelweiss born?

Taking it delicately between his fingers, he headed towards the highest of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. He placed it among the rocks, then touched it and transformed it into a wonderful starry flower with velvety petals and white as snow, which he called Edelweiss. So the great mountain also had her magnificent flower! “

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Where are edelweiss born?

Edelweiss, scientific name leontopodium alpinum, is a true wonder of nature. This plant grows stubbornly on rocky and rather arid mountain soils, resisting temperature variations, including the cold of winter. It lives between 1500 and 3000 m of altitude, exposed to snow and the scorching sun.

When does edelweiss bloom?

Attention: in autumn the aerial part of the plant dries up completely, it is normal, do not withdraw it and do not throw it away because in spring it will return more luxuriant than ever. The flowering of edelweiss is included in the months of May and June.

How to keep edelweiss in pots?

It is at ease with temperatures between –15 and + 30 ° C, but below –5 ° C it is good to protect the pot with a bubble wrap plastic and mulch the surface of the soil. It prefers full sun exposure from October to April, but partial shade in the remaining months.

What to do with edelweiss?

Place the edelweiss in a bright place, but sheltered from direct rain. This flower tolerates low winter temperatures and frosts, so it does not need to be repaired when the bad season arrives.

How does the edelweiss adapt?

Soil: Edelweiss adapts to poor soils but loves loose, well-drained mountain soil. The optimal growing medium, especially for growing in pots, is a mixture of calcareous soil mixed with coarse sand and gravel.

What is an Edelweiss?

(owner “noble white”), used in ital. to masc. – Name, widespread also in Italy, of the edelweiss.

Which flower is a symbol of vanity?

The Narcissus flower is a flower that means vanity, inability to love, uncertainty, selfishness and unrequited love.

What are mountain flowers?

Mountain flowers, spectacular works of art of nature

  • 1.1 Gentian and Gentianella (Gentiana acaulis – Gentiana verna)
  • 1.2 Delphinium (brush)
  • 1.3 Scilla Silvestre (Scilla bifolia L.)
  • 1.4 Alpine widow (Globularia nudicaulis L.)
  • 1.5 Muscari ignored (Muscari neglectum Guss.)
  • 1.6 Heavenly flax (Linum perenne L.)

What star is the North Star?

The polar star par excellence is the one that in the current precessional era indicates the north celestial pole of the Earth, or α Ursae Minoris, also known as Polaris. The North Star is part of the constellation Ursa Minor or Little Dipper.

What does the North Star indicate?

Polaris is three thousand times less bright than Sirius. But as everyone knows it indicates the north, being exactly in the position of the celestial north pole, that is the extension of the rotation axis of the earth.

When to plant edelweiss seeds?

Sowing should be done in February or March, the pot should be kept in a well ventilated and cool shaded position. It is also possible to reproduce the edelweiss by division always in the late winter period.

Why are edelweiss covered in a fine fuzz?

The down represents an adaptation to the drought of the steppes, but is also suitable for the harsh climate of the high mountains. The hairs color the edelweiss white and also protect it from UV rays. … Legend has it that the edelweiss was born from the tears of an ice virgin disappointed for love.

How is Gentian grown?

An excellent substrate for growing gentian is peat, sand and leaf soil. The ideal exposure for growing gentian is in full sun, but partial shade may be fine for some species. The plant must be fertilized after the first planting, if the soil is devoid of organic elements.

How long do edelweiss last?

Edelweiss: the flower

About 15 cm high, the Edelweiss in the months of June and July gives us its flowers, ideal and often destined only to finish cut and dried, to create small squares to hang on the wall.

Where to buy edelweiss?

You can buy the best quality edelweiss plants quickly and easily at Florablom.com. On our site you also have the choice between pink or indigo plants. In addition to edelweiss plants, you can choose from fantastic herbs, delicious vegetable seeds and beautiful bulbs for your garden.

What are mountain plants?


  • Beech tree.
  • Birch.
  • Chestnut.
  • Sycamore maple.
  • Montano Elm.
  • Hornbeam.
  • Spruce.
  • White Fir.

What are the flowers that cannot be picked?

That you must not in any way collect flowers in the mountains such as the snowdrop, the bellflower, the cyclamen, and again the gentian, the lily and the same romantic daisy with which many are used to playing the ancient game of M’ama non he loves me.

What are purple flowers called?

Purple flowers: the most common

Periwinkle, bellflower, geranium, pansy (viola tricolor), violet (or viola odorata), and iris (iris germanica) are just some of the more common purple flowers.

What is the flower that symbolizes love and passion?

The flower of love par excellence: the rose.

Which flower symbolizes eternal love?

Peach blossoms symbolize eternal love. Their gift amounts to a true declaration of love. They represent an ideal type of flower for a solid and intense love relationship, for a marriage proposal or even for a type of love like the one that binds parents and children.


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