Why was denise pipitone kidnapped?


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According to the latest reconstruction of the investigators, Denise was kidnapped by her half-sister Jessica Pulizzi with the complicity of her mother Anna Corona and ex-boyfriend Gaspare Ghaleb. The reason would be “revenge and jealousy because Denise and Jessica Pulizzi are daughters of the same father, Piero Pulizzi”.

How was Denise Pipitone kidnapped?

It is September 1, 2004, when little Denise Pipitone disappears at the age of four while she is in front of her grandmother’s house, intent on cooking. It’s just after 12 and Denise runs after a little cousin, takes a few meters, takes a side street and disappears into thin air. As she was swallowed by the earth.

Who are the suspects in Denise Pipitone’s kidnapping?

On September 30, 2004, 29 days after Denise Pipitone’s disappearance, the Marsala prosecutor listened to Tony Pipitone as an informed person. Tony gives the investigators the name of Matteo Marino, the ex-husband of Giacoma, the sister of Tony’s wife and mother of Denise (Piera Maggio).

What does the anonymous letter say about Denise Pipitone?

In the anonymous letter on the Denise Pipitone case, the witness talks about a car with a little girl inside crying out for help. … I am in via della Pace, in those days there was a market, it was on a Wednesday, there was an Indian line of cars, at a certain point I was coming from the hospital area, via Salemi, going up from via Pace “.

Who is Denise Pipitone’s family?

Jessica Pulizzi is the daughter of Anna Corona and Piero Pulizzi, Denise’s biological father and current husband of Piera Maggio.

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Who died of the Maggio family?

Denise Pipitone: mourning for Piera Maggio

Another pain in the life of Piera Maggio: his father died. The bereavement was announced via social media by Denise Pipitone’s mother. The woman wrote a simple message, full of sadness. “There is no age that holds for the love of children for parents.

Who is Denise’s father?

Piero Pulizzi, who is Denise’s father

The man had two daughters from his marriage to Anna or Jessica and Alice.

Who saw the letter Denise?

To bring the story of the four-year-old girl kidnapped on September 1st 2004 in Mazara del Vallo into the spotlight again is an anonymous person who – after having sent a letter to the lawyer Giacomo Frattizza, also wrote to “Who has seen him? “:« I have known for 17 years, I have not spoken before for fear … ».

Who saw Denise as a witness?

The new truths from the key witness who was not understood: “It was Denise” “Kidnapped by a curly man with a mustache and then taken away in a boat”. Thus expressed in 2013 Battista Delle Key, the deaf-mute key witness from Mazara del Vallo, without being understood during his hearing.

What’s behind Denise’s kidnapping?

Processes. According to the latest reconstruction of the investigators, Denise was kidnapped by her half-sister Jessica Pulizzi with the complicity of her mother Anna Corona and her ex-boyfriend Gaspare Ghaleb. The reason would be “revenge and jealousy because Denise and Jessica Pulizzi are daughters of the same father, Piero Pulizzi”.

Who is Giacoma Maggio’s husband?

The television program “Quarto Grado” reconstructs a phone call between Denise Pipitone’s aunt, Giacoma Maggio, and her ex-husband Matteo Marino. A phone call in which the aunt of the child who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo 17 years ago says addressing her ex: “” You know where the girl is. You know where”.

Who is Piera Maggio’s half-sister?

Denise Pipitone is the little girl who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo in 2004 and never found again. The girl is the daughter of Piera Maggio and Piero Pulizzi. Denise’s half-sister is called Jessica Pulizzi who is the daughter of her father Piero.

What street did Denise Pipitone live in?

The house where Denise lived is located on the outskirts, near a cemetery, and is located in Via Domenico La Bruna.

Who is Anna Corona Denise Pipitone?

New track for Denise Pipitone, on her way to Tunisia? … The woman was again under investigation for the kidnapping and disappearance of Denise: the Crown is the mother of Jessica Pulizzi, tried and then acquitted for complicity in the kidnapping of the child, and is the ex-wife of Denise’s natural father.

Where was Denise Pipitone born?

In a few minutes the little girl disappeared after turning the corner of the street to chase after a little cousin. From that moment on there will be no news of Denise. Denise was born on October 26, 2000 in Mazara del Vallo (TR) from Piera Maggio and Pietro Pulizzi and recognized by Toni Pipitone.

Who saw Mariana?

Mariana also told her story to the carabinieri

The girl is convinced that she saw the nomad spotted in Milan on 18 October 2004 by the security guard Felice Grieco in a Roma camp together with a little girl who looks a lot like Denise Pipitone who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo on 1 September 2004.

How old should Denise Pipitone be?

Denise Pipitone is currently 20 years old but the dynamics of her disappearance and where she is currently are not known.

Who saw it anonymous letter?

Last May an anonymous person sent a letter to the lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta – lawyer of the Pipitone family – and to ‘Who has seen it?’ … “I have known about the facts about the missing child Denise Pipitone for 17 years and I am perfectly sure that it is the reality of the facts”, thus begins the letter.

Who saw him is there tonight?

“Who saw it?”, Tonight at 21.20 on Rai3.

Who saw Denise news?

New updates on the Denise Pipitone case to Who saw it? by Federica Sciarelli. According to the reconstruction of the program, Jessica Pulizzi, the half-sister of the Sicilian girl, allegedly provided the investigators with an old telephone number and not the one she used on the day of the disappearance of little Denise.

Who has seen the timetables?

Who has seen? it airs from 21:20 until 00:00 on Rai 3 for a duration of 160 minutes.

What is the name of Denise Pipitone’s mother?

Piera Maggio, mother of Denise Pipitone, against the journalist Carmelo Abbate and the transmission of Rete 4 Quarto Grado conducted by Gianluigi Nuzzi who last night dedicated a long block to the case of the disappearance of his daughter: “All this is a shameful squalor.

What happened to the Maggio family?

A new pain for Piera Maggio, mother of Denise Pipitone, the little girl whose traces were lost seventeen years ago in Sicily, in Mazara del Vallo. In the last hours the woman’s father died, grandfather of the little girl who disappeared into thin air and for which the searches have never stopped.

Who is Jessica Polizzi?

Jessica Pulizzi is the half-sister of Denise Pipitone, the little girl who disappeared in Mazara del Vallo many years ago. Here’s everything there is to know about her. Denise’s half-sister Jessica Pulizzi had been accused of kidnapping her out of jealousy because she hated him. But she was also acquitted in the Supreme Court.


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