Word meaning settle?


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pron. to. Officially take possession of an office or office; most often with sign. concr., occupy the official seat in which the duties inherent to their office will have to be carried out: the new provincial administration has taken up residence in the Provincial building.

What is the synonym for settle?

(extens.) [trovare sistemazione in un luogo: le tribù barbariche si erano insediate lungo il Danubio] ≈ settle down, settle down, settle down, settle down.

What does it mean to enter?

Putting or sending in, letting in, introducing, mostly called liquids or aeriforms: i.

What does placing mean?

– The operation of the enter and the effect: i. of water in a canal, of gas in an environment; the. of new forces in an organization (in the proper sense, the Latin form is sometimes preferred: for example, in medico-legal references, immissio penis “introduction of the penis”).

How dare you meaning?

for | mét | ter | si v.pronom.tr. 2. take your liberty, dare: I would not allow myself to judge your work, I would allow myself to point out your mistake; also ass .: how dare you ?, I would never dare!

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What is the synonym for unsettling?

(fig.) [sorprendere qualcuno con una mossa imprevista e astuta, che gli impedisce di reagire a dovere, anche assol.: la domanda mi ha spiazzato; è una persona che spiazza] ≈ catch aback, disorient, catch off guard. displace v. tr.

What does Insedió mean?

More generally, take a seat, settle down: the enemy command took office in the town hall; and unwelcome guests: he has taken up residence in my house and shows no sign of leaving; non com., of things: the ice and snow cover that settles in high altitude basins. c.

What is the meaning of the expression civil settlement?

A human settlement, in geography, statistics and archeology, is a community where people live. The type of community can vary according to the number of inhabitants grouped and therefore can range from small groups populated places to large urban areas.

What is meant by residential settlement?

More or less extensive area where there are only isolated courtyards that bring together living and utilitarian spaces, mostly of a rural nature, and generally occupied and managed by a single family in a single environment.

What is the name of the place of establishment of the company?

Place of residence, residence, domicile; office, agency that has s.

What is meant by productive settlements?

FAQ SUAP administrative procedure

Settlements relating to all production activities of goods and services, including agricultural, commercial and craft activities, tourist and hotel activities, services rendered by banks and financial intermediaries, telecommunication services.

What does it mean to undermine a person?

– Set traps, try to lure someone into a trap, to reduce him by deception or surprise in our power, to cause him material or moral damage secretly: scattered elements of the enemy army threatened our departments; he was being hunted by false friends. More often with the complement of what: i.

What do you mean you blew me away?

the competing company and to win the contract; at the last moment he displaced his highest-rated colleague and was appointed director of the company; by extens., disorienting, surprising: his question surprised me; I was blown away by his behavior.

What confuses synonym?

[far perdere l’ordine delle idee: i troppi consigli mi hanno disorientato] ≈ confuse, confuse, upset, disconcert, out of phase, upset.

What does it mean to spit?

– 1. Very slowly uncover the playing cards you are holding.

What does it mean displace?

The expression means to put someone in trouble, in an embarrassing situation with unexpected actions or words.

What does it mean “Spiazze”?

Spiazzi is a form of the verb to displace (second-person singular present indicative; first, second and third-person singular present subjunctive; third-person singular present imperative).

What does a disarming smile mean?

[di-sar-màn-te] adj. Which takes away the will to react, to reply, which leaves you speechless: a smile d.

How is a plan for manufacturing settlements approved?

The PIP was approved without the prior approval of a variant that had subjected the areas to the preordained constraint of expropriation, and this need could not be said to have been derogated from the provisions of art. 27 of the law n. 865/1971 and art.

What are the production facilities?

By production plant we mean the settlements relating to all the activities of production of goods and services, including agricultural, commercial and craft activities, tourist and hotel activities, any entrepreneurial activity of residential construction, services rendered by banks and intermediaries …

What are pips and how are they organized?

These are public initiative plans implementing the General Town Plan. They can be designed to accommodate either single-issue activities only (craft, industrial, commercial and tourism), or a set of activities from those listed above.

When can a country be called a city?

As I said, a large part of a country’s economy is found in cities and therefore also investments in infrastructure, transport networks, etc. educational generally distinguishes between city (with more than 15,000 inhabitants) and country (less than 15,000 inhabitants).

What are the factors that determine the choice of a site for a new urban settlement?

expansion of the city beyond the walls; affirmation of new communication systems (railway); development of systems of works complementary to the development of the city (transport system; water treatment; commercial spaces, etc.).

How were cities formed?

Where the first settlements arose

The beginning of civilizations took place between 7000 and 5000 BC. These were groups of settlements built one next to the other which progressively formed into a single organism. The oldest cities arose near the great rivers or on the coasts of the Mediterranean.

How did urbanization start?

Proto urbanization. The indispensable condition that made this birth possible was the Neolithic revolution, constituted by the moment of transition from an economy based on gathering, hunting, fishing, to an economy based on agriculture and pastoralism.


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