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We accept guest posts at our blog

Topics that we accept:

Business, Technology, Health, Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Fashion, Jewelry, Education, Essay writing, Travel, Sports, Real estate, Law and many others.

Topics that we didn’t accept:

Adult, Casino, Gambling, Drugs, Online Pharmacy, Vape, Dating, Religion and weapons-related articles.


  • Article should be unique, plagiarise-free, informative and non-promotional.
  • Article should be 600 + words long and original written.
  • Only one do-follow link is allowed. For extra links, you have to pay an extra fee.
  • Send us your pitch at

Dear content writers and bloggers, Business Planers warmly welcomes you to write down for us. With the target audience from around the globe, we make sure that your thoughts and voices are heard and preferred. Our audience consists of employers, clients, and publishers to read your visitors’ publications and, inside the procedure, you’ll research lots. In the procedure, you may refine your ideas, beautify your writing competencies, and even benefit from additional expertise about the subject you wrote on. We are here to help you contribute noticeably efficient and high-quality content material to our platform at the maximum adorable quotes.

Today’s international competition is full of competition and innovation. With heaps of content are available online. It has grown to be difficult to write down particular content material with wonderful thoughts. The specific content is preferred because it calls for hard work and quit a few attempts. We, The Business Planers , additionally appreciate specific and quality content over quantity.

We appreciate and inspire subject matter-oriented communication and argumentation to interact with the target audience. We appraise interactive content with specific and unique ideas at Business Planers . We strongly recommend analysing the “write for us” page before pitching your guest post. The “write for us” page gives you an idea of what type of content and in what layout is taken into consideration eligible for visitor posting or backed posting.

Write For US

Topics That Should be Relevant:

  • Business
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Travels
  • Entertainment
  • Digital Marketing
  • Home Improvement
  • Education
  • Auto
  • Android
  • Law
  • Real Estate
  • And All Types of Quality Contents

The visitor posts may include various factors of each topic like the secrets in the back of and the journey of small and medium-sized hit groups, a complete and specific assessment of an e-book or film, what places you should go to for an excursion, and why and lots of distinctive elements of various topics. You also can put up a post for the balanced diet and results of our weight loss program on our physic.

You are required to submit unique content material that isn’t published somewhere else and fulfils the necessities of our website and is in line with the recommendations of our platform.

The Quality Should be:

The content material has to be authentic and not copied. It ought to meet the standards of our platform. Plagiarism-loose content is a have-to element. The blog submission you write for us needs to be of high fine and should incorporate authentic information; otherwise, it’ll no longer get published. Your concept must be unique and strong enough to seize the eye of the target audience. We noticeably advocate that you offer statistics from an incredibly actual source to build up the agreement with your target audience. We in no way permit a low-exceptional guest to publish to get posted on our platform. Therefore, compromise on first-class isn’t always tolerated.

Initially, you may write on broad ideas, and then as you turn out to be aware of the target market’s response, you don’t forget to write following a slim approach to attract more target market. We accept as true within pleasant, no longer the quantity of the content, as extremely good content is liked greater and offers excessive visibility and target audience interplay. Write guest posts in a casual and conversational form to entertain and interact with your readers.

Topics Shouldn’t Base on:

There are some subjects that we do not post or discuss on our platform. Content on those subjects will at once be rejected and will not be even reviewed. Among these subjects are;

  • Gambling
  • Drugs
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Adult Content
  • Dating, Religion
  • Weapon-Related Articles
  • Vape
  • Casino

There are reasons for which these subjects aren’t mentioned on our platform and anyone who’s going to jot down a visitor’s submission should supply an examination to the topics on which content submission is unlawful. As posts on those subjects are against our policy so these topics will not be entertained.


We on no way submit low-satisfactory content so, don’t bother writing content that doesn’t meet our high-quality standards. For this reason, go to our homepage and get a tough concept approximately satisfactory earlier than writing a visitor put up. The indication of low-high-quality content is the grammatically incorrect content, plagiarised content material, copied content material, or content material that doesn’t provide real statistics about a particular subject matter selected. Our qualified and in a position reviewing crew critiques the content material that we get hold of. They have the right to reject content based on its negative excellence.

It is important to provide unique over unique content material that is grammatically correct and plagiarism-free to get posted.


It is essential to follow the hints to get your content posted. These recommendations will assist you to put them in writing for us. No, count which subject matter you are writing on, these pointers may be relevant to all topics and forms of content material. As a subsidised posting or visitor posting platform, it’s important to preserve the best to make an extended-lasting first impression on your target audience. So, underneath are a few suggestions you need to take into account even as writing for us:

Quality of Content:

Content must be original, unique, and highly excellent.

Content has to be plagiarism-loose and grammatically correct to be considered for overview and book.

The content material idea has to be precise, and the content material ought to be informative.

Content needs to be non-promotion.

Properties of Content Should:

  • While writing a guest put up, make certain to offer a clear and convincing argument concerning your idea.
  • Content needs to be attractive to your audience and associated with the subject with a bold and clear voice.


  • The content ought to be formatted in proper titles, H1, H2, and H3 tags as required.

Words Count:

  • The word depends for the visitor submit or sponsored submit need to be 600+. The most important thing is that the content material must be original and particular.


  • Here, we’ll go over the traits and properties that a writer should include in their writings to achieve our criteria.
  • We reject the majority of guest postings because they do not meet our standards.
  • For our readers, we want the best.
  • Make an effort to be the best.
  • Write the best work.

Our years of experience and a large amount of content show that an idea is best communicated in writing when it contains the following characteristics:

Conversational publish:

  • Your visitor submission engages the audience while it is like a verbal exchange between you and your audience. When you communicate within the first and second man’s or woman’s language, you invite your target market to participate in the communication. It keeps the audience engaged and brings an unusual shine in your guest publication. You ought to write your guest post in speak form to hold your readers connected to your put-up. The first-class way is to suppose you’re writing your blog and talking to your audience directly.

Do Your Research:

  • In conversational writing, you need to additionally carry out actual and giant studies to again up your ideas. It will help your thoughts and posts to preserve criticism, and you have valid arguments to back up your guest post.

Keep It Simple:

  • As a guest post writer, you need to present your readers with arguments and statistics, however try to maintain it simple as this can help your audience to apprehend you easily.

Story Telling:

  • With our experience through the years, we’ve come to recognize that the only technique to maintain your audience attractively and interacting, you need to give your idea inside the form of a tale. In this way, you entertain your target market. This approach boosts the hobby of your audience for your visitor and complements your visibility.

How to Start and How to End:

You have to understand a way to start your guest put up and the way to conclude it while writing for us. Avoid using the identical academic and traditional writing style mentioning, “I am starting with…” or “In the quit…” however use a unique advent and conclusion paragraph.


Guest posting or “write for us” can be described as “writing content material for another website.” Many websites invite writers for sponsored or guest posting. Writers and bloggers write guest posts because it benefits them in the following methods:

  • It increases visitors to come again.
  • It improves website authority and ranking.
  • It increases visibility and emblem recognition.
  • It allows making connections in the equal enterprise.
  • Along with writers and bloggers, backed posting additionally facilitates the website hosting the guest posting.

Benefits of Guest Posting/Sponsored Posting:

There are many advantages of backed posting or visitor posting because it presents you with a platform to expose your ideas and information to benefit access to a large wide variety of the ability audience. It is likewise helpful in constructing connections inside your marketplace. Moreover, it enhances logo consciousness and visibility, which makes your commercial enterprise and brand grow. When you write pleasant content material and goal it in your required target market, there may be a robust danger that your authoritativeness increases hastily. The one-way links furnished with the aid of “write for us” websites are useful. The growth the rank of your website and convey more site visitors on your site. Search engines use the one-way links, and if the website from which the backlinks are coming in of excessive authority, your authority and rank automatically boom.


You can publish your guest submission at

Your visitor post/ Sponsored publish will undergo the following steps from submitting your pitch to the e-book.

After you’ve written a visitor post or sponsored submission, it is time to put up your publication to Business Planers .

Now, we can guide you through the whole procedure grade by grade, from submission to the very last e-book your guest put up.

When you electronically mail us your visitors submit, it is received and reviewed through our editor.

The favoured approach is to publish a google record as it allows the editor to provide comments inside the draft. If the editor feels that your publishing is as good as the standards of our website, then he will forward it to the group for a similar review.

Reviewing crew assembly takes place once per week, and a group of reviewers will talk your visitor put up. If the reviewing group considers your visitor put up for eBook, the editor will get it again to you. He will work with you to deal with the comments furnished with the aid of the reviewing crew.

Once you’ve addressed the remarks, you’ll ship the submission lower back to us.

We will evaluate the adjustments and see if you have addressed all of the feedback.

If your visitor publication is chosen for the booklet, the editor will notify you through email. After the booklet, we can email you with the hyperlink to your put-up.

By now, you have to remember the fact that we’re inviting you to write down visitor posts for us, but for eBooks, your visitor posts ought to rise to our expectations. If you can write content that is engaging, you’re most welcome to post your writings. After approval from the editorial and reviewer team, we will publish your backed publish on our internet site and notify you via electronic mail.


Our non-discriminative coverage provides the opportunity to each person, no matter their shade, faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation, country, and political factor of view, to write down guest and subsidized posts for us. We take our non-discriminative policy very cautiously and strictly. Discrimination and racism have been rotting humanity for hundreds of years. It is time to stop it as soon as and it is for all. We welcome absolutely everyone to put in writing for us and be part of the considerable Business Planers community.